Tuesday, April 05, 2011

...and tomorrow is today

"Ive been wrong a lot these days"
And life can be lived in so many ways
Ya Allah, I pray
That You never lead me astray

Not fulfilling what I promised or what they say
And when someone in the Muslim community says "Blown away"
People run away
No one would stay
Nothing is black or white, everything is grey

All people say when you ask how they're doing is "Okay"
While you know there's something more to that on their tray

And I keep imagining the bay,
listenin to the Fray
Like they would bring back yesterday
and tomorrow is today
Trying not to be swoon away
by exams and stressful crap that goes none stop-everyday
Cycling routines that would only make some sense when I pray
When the time comes, six feet under I'll lay

Written by ME. More Here in Flying on Cloud 9

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