Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mujtaba Farooque elected as the chief of Welfare Party of India

Mujtaba Farooque of Aurangabad has been elected as the president of Welfare Party of India. When the nation is at cross roads, here comes the good news. He is one of the dynamic leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and has served the Islamic movement in various capacities. 

He belongs to Aurangabad and was attracted to the Islamic movement in his student days. Since then he has never turned back and has devoted his entire life for the mission of establishing Deen - Way of life provided by God - in all walks of life. He is known for his organising capabilities and has been state chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra for some time. He has been actively involved in various socio, economic and political causes. He was there in Dharna against the blatant, cold blooded murder of innocent youth in Batla Nagar. He was there in Assam during last Assembly election organising the tedious task of consolidating votes of the weaker sections for the common good. He has always been in the forefront in the struggle towards a just, peaceful and harmonious society in India. Let us pray he succeeds in his mission. 

Dr S. Q. R. Ilyas, Prof Sohail Ahmed Khan, Prof Rama Panchal, Mrs Khalida Parveen and Mr P. C. Hamza have been made the General Secretaries of the Welfare Party of India. 

Besides Mrs Lalitha Naik, Father Abraham Joseph, Mr Zafarul Islam Khan, Mr Abdul Wahab Khilji and Moulana Ilyas Azmi have been elected as Vice-Presidents of the Welfare Party of India. Mr Abdus Salam Vaniyambalam of Kerala has been made the Treasurer of the Welfare Party of India. 

Prof. Rama Surya Rao, Mr Akhtar Husain Akhtar, Advocate Aamir Rasheed and Mr Subramani have been elected as the Secretaries of the Welfare Party of India. Thus the composition of the party shows the support it has received from all sections of the society in India.

The leaders of the Welfare Party of India with the party flag (from Left: Moulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Fr Abraham Joseph, Abdus Salam Vaniambalam, Mujtaba Farooq, Dr SQR Ilyas, Subramani, Lalitha Naik, Ilyas Azmi

Flag of the Welfare Party of India
Mujtaba Farooq, newly elected President of Welfare Party of India
Zafarul Islam Khan, one of the five Vice-Presidents of Welfare Party of India
Dr SQR Ilyas, General Secretary of the Welfare Party of India

The dawn of the welfare party is significant in the sense that the so called welfare state itself has abandoned the concern for the welfare of the people. What we have now is TWO Indias. (1) IPL India and (2) BPL India. And hopefully the Welfare Party of India would take up the cause of the BPL India. Insha Allah

Mujtaba Farooq addressing a workshop in Karnataka (file photo)
A political party of Muslims in secular India is a recent phenomena, which, according to Mujtaba Farooque, secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), is an idea developed after 60 years of arrogance and negligence and finally failure of secular parties to deliver justice to not only Muslims but to the majority of Indians.  More Here

Vision, Values and Road map of Welfare Party

The Welfare Party will try to forge an alliance with secular and like-minded parties in order to expand its political horizon. The JIH is said to have thousands and thousands of dedicated workers spread across India in addition to lakhs of supporters.  A source said that the new party will not compete with existing like-minded parties but will work and ally with them taking care not to disturb areas where they have base and strength. It will fight against corruption and casteism which threaten to destroy the country.

Below is the full text of the concept paper of the party:

On the world map, India is a happening place now. Our successful experiment of an independent democratic society has become an exemplary model in itself. Our economic growth is attracting worldwide attention. The world is in awe of the talents of our scientists, technocrats, and professionals. The Indians are consistently escalating their ratio among the wealthiest individuals in the world.

But the tragedy of this splendid advancement is that its fruits are viciously confined to a tiny section of the society. Despite this unprecedented growth, the majority of our people are not able to fulfil even their basic needs. We are among the fastest growing economies, but still more than half of the world’s poorest, hungriest and the most deprived people live in our country.

We didn’t fight the war of independence just to get rid of the British. The objective was not to replace the white masters by black masters. This heroic saga of our proud history was derived by a noble vision. The objective wasn’t merely to alter the hands that were ruling. The objective was rather to change the style and way of ruling.

More Here. 

A report in Arab News:
Welfare Party of India launched

The new party is likely to test political waters in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election next year. "We are ready to align with like-minded groups and initiate discussion with them," said Farooque. Jamaat has welcomed Dalits and other backward castes to join the party.

The Welfare Party of India aims at reforming Indian politics and realizing a welfare state based on moral values and governed by the principles of justice, freedom, equality and fraternity.

"To achieve this objective, the party will launch massive public campaigns and will awaken the socio-political public consciousness," a Jamaat official said. "It will try to inculcate among the common people the self esteem, the self confidence and the ambition and courage to fight oppression and exploitation. It will try to promote able and virtuous leadership among masses and advance alternative politics in the country," he added.

 A news report in Arab News. More Here.

Massive gathering in the launching programme of the Welfare Party of India

A report in Milli Gazette
Welfare Party of India to launch a new struggle for freedom

The Welfare party will be backed by reputed social and civil society movements and will  strive for thriving an alternative politics and shall attempt to emerge on the horizon of Indian politics as the voice of voiceless, the hope for justice and as a harbinger of a new India.

The hundred founders of the party belong to varied backgrounds, communities, classes and social groups and they will soon launch mass-contact campaigns to enroll people of outstanding moral repute and flawless character. Only those individuals will be allowed an entry into the party who can prove by word and deed, their commitment to the values and vision of the party.

This will not be just another party engaged in power politics. This will be rather a movement for reforming the Indian Politics and will try to realise a welfare state based on moral values and governed by the principles of Justice, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

It is not for short term political gains; it has rather embarked on a long term mission to evolve an alternative political culture in the country.

To achieve this objective, the Party will launch massive public campaigns and will awaken the socio-political public consciousness. It will try to inculcate in common man the self esteem, the self confidence and the ambition and courage to fight the oppression and exploitation. It will try to promote able and virtuous leadership among masses and shall try to advance alternative politics in the country through this social struggle.

The criminalisation of Politics, the Communalisation of Politics, the Commercialisation of Politics and the Sectarianisation of Politics are the biggest evils of our prevailing political culture. These evils have created such a rot in Indian body-politic that the people are disgusted with the whole class of politicians. This is a very dangerous situation and if unchecked, poses a serious threat to democracy.

It is the high time a new struggle for freedom is launched and a mighty social and public resistance is raised against these evils.  This only will cleanse the Indian polity and revive the faith and trust of people in the democratic institutions.
Vision and Values of the Party
Welfare Party of India shall try to promote an alternative politics in the country that is firmly rooted in high standards of morality and ethical values and that is free from crimes, corruption, selfishness and all kinds of narrow-minded prejudices
Welfare Party of India will aim at the establishment of a welfare state. Party believes that sufficient nutritious food, decent clothing, proper shelter, essential  health  care and elementary education are among the fundamental human rights and it is the duty of a welfare state to fulfill these basic needs of each of its citizens.
Welfare Party of India envisages speedy growth in industry, trade, commerce and the national economy. But it shall try to reform the economy in a way as to ensure that the processes of development and wealth creation are properly regulated by the obligations of justice and equality.
Welfare Party of India shall promote the true spirit of democracy. Party believes in democracy not in the sense of mere majorityism but in the sense of inclusiveness and pluralism. A true democratic society is one that addresses the needs and demands of every section of the society and that ensures that every section contentedly fulfills its aspirations.
Welfare Party of India envisages a society where all cultures have full opportunities to thrive and develop. The concept of federalism that party believes covers the cultural federalism along with geographic and linguistic federalism.
The convention was addressed by the party leaders including its president Mujtaba Farooque, Ilyas Azmi, Dr. Zafarul -Islam Khan, Mrs. Lalitha Naik, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Dr. Rama Panchal, Fr. Abraham Joseph , Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas and others.

A news report in Milli Gazette. More Here.


V K Abdul Malik said...

It is the most defining moment in the history of India and Indian Muslims. Let us hope and pray that welfare party succeeds in striking a chord with the people of India and delivers.

The name itself is different and action oriented. I like Welfare Party!

Anonymous said...


T Azeez Luthfullah said...

Ha.. Ha.. Haa.! Your sense of humour is commendable Pasha Sahib!

But, The welfare Party of India would defy that infant mortality rate and succeed because of two strong factors.

ONE : The incubation period of this partty has been terribly long. It has taken sixty long years to born. It was not formed because of whims and fancies of some individuals. It was formed after fairly lengthy consultations and discussions by the topmost, brightest and most sincere personalities of this nation. It is the result of the calculated, most considered move of the largest Muslim organisation - undivided Muslim organisation since its inception some six decades ago - in the Indian subcontinent.

TWO : The motive is to gain the pleasure of Allah through serving His creatures. So, it would definitely withstand all the pulls and pressures of the trade. It has entered the political arena not to score points or mint money or gain power. It is there to SERVE the humanity at large and the Indians at particular.

As for the name, I think it is the most apt name. It instantly strikes the chord with everybody who is politically aware and places the welfare of the nation above self. Besides we are having a welfare state here. But it is the welfare of the people which has taken back seat as far as the state is concerned. Education, medical care, civic amenities - everything has been rampantly commercialised. Even one has to pay for using the road! Amidst these prevailing conditions, the name of the party is most apt.

It stands for the welfare of the nation and its people as its name makes it clear : The Welfare Party of India!

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother. May I with due respect as well as regret point out to you ( though, as a close associate of the outfit, you know it very well- unless you choose to deny it) that the JIH suffocated and strangled the SIMI and in its place nurtured the SIO. Was that action also for the welfare of the Ummathul Muslimeen and to please Allah Subhanathallah?

Abdul Muiz Hameedudin said...

Best wishes and prayers for this great initiative of the Jamaat!

Thahir Makery said...

Best wishes to all those who are behind this noble task.

Hope the Welfare Party of India paves way for the welfare of the people of India.

Hyder Ali said...

It is pleasing to know that Br P C Hamza has been elected as the General Secretary of Welfare Party of India.

The fact that there are three women in the office bearers of the party augurs well for the welfare of the party.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Good move... but Tamilnadu Jamaat should start solidarity or MPJ as soon as possible to utilize Welfare Party...

M P Muhammad said...

Now that we have a huge platform to mobilise the youth as well as the masses, what is the need of solidarity or MPJ type organisations? Already there is a hush hush talk going on in Kerala circles that solidarity would be disbanded and the solidarity cadre would be adsorbed in the Welfare Party of India..!

Anyhow, the need of the hour is to mobilise the youth into a formidable force in Tamil Nadu. There is no two opinion about it. It remains to be seen whether it takes shape under the banner of Welfare Party of India or youth wing of JIH.

Basheer Ataullah said...

We live in a country where we have courts but not justice.

We have law, but no order. They promulgate more and more laws day in and day out.

We have government, but no governance.

We have police force but no security. Who could save Arunima? She lost her leg. In a land where cricketers are treated like demi-gods, it is an irony that Arunima loses her leg.

We have prosperity. We have more number of billioneres in the Forbes list. Our rich spend crores in marriages. But there is no shar for the poor in it. We have two Indias : IPL India and BPL India.

We have electricity to run indoor IPL matches in midnight. But no power for the poor farmer!

We have a shining, glittering and glowing India as well as a crying India.

One Anna Hazare comes and fasts for implementation of a directionless, draconian law. Our twittering classes go over him as a messiah. But one Irom Sharmila is fasting for more than a decade and nobody bothers to care about her. No one knows about her. No one cares to repeal the Armed Forces Act.

Our country is sick. And it seems that there is no cure for it.

Hopefully the Welfare Party of India could fill the gap.

Let us hope and pray that the Welfare Party of India becomes a success.

Let us hope and pray that the Welfare Party of India succeeds in mobilising the masses for the noble cause.

Let us hope and pray that the Welfare Party of India becomes a link between the IPL India and the BPL India.

Let us hope and pray that the Welfare Party of India rekindles the hope for a better India in each and every disgruntled youth of this country.

I like Welfare Party of India

Anonymous said...

Why should we disband the solidarity? What is the need for it?

In my opinion, welfare party too would need a youth wing and a separate wing for students, women, labourers, advocates etc.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I have a question to JIH, how can you justify fighting elections in a secular democracy?, is this from the sunnah of the prophet(saw), plz clarify

Anonymous said...

well wisher: : : consumption of alchohol destroys family lives. hope this party will put an end to it..
best wishes :)


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