Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welfare Party Chief Mujtaba Farooq returns to Aurangabad

Veteran Islamist leader, Former Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and newly elected leader of Welfare Party of India Moulana Muhammad Mujtaba Farooq Sahib was given rousing welcome in Aurangabad airport. It was his first visit to his hometown after the formation of the Welfare Party of India.
Cameras blinked uninterruptedly. Bright garlands made up of fresh jasmine and samandhi flowers landed in his neck one by one. I am not sure whether Long Live Mujtaba Farooq slogans filled the air or not.
The spectacle is breathtaking. Oh..! What a sight..! 
The facial expression of Mujtaba Farooq says it all.
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Tariq Azeez said...

I would say it is the defining moment in the history of Islamic movement in India!

Good man said...


V K Abdul Malik said...

Move away.. Move away...
The 'Neta' has arrived! Long live the Neta!

Wait.. Wait.. We are supposed to be stand apart. Welfare Party of India was supposed to be a different party. Isn't it?

Abdul Muiz Hameedudin said...

This is a different cup of Tea. Give them time to settle.

Insha Allah, The Welfare Party of India would be entirely different party. There would be no room for nethagiri or chamchagiri.

It would be a trensetter and its benchmark would much more taller, higher than anything. Its leaders would be the most endearing species. They would not stand away from the public. Rather they would be one among the public.

The Welfare Party would strive for welfare of Aam Aadmi. There would be no discrimination in its functioning.

Sheikh Abdullah said...

Garlanding the neta is not a big issue. But as far as Welfare Party is concerned it has to tread the path very very carefully.

The path is full of pitfalls. It has to be very very alert.

What may start as small thing grows into gigantic proportions in the political arena.

The leaders of the Welfare Party are no ordinary political leaders. They are the torch-bearers of Islam and the world would look them with great expectations and scrutinise each and every move made by them.

Anonymous said...

Hum kya ban nay wale the, kya ban gaye!


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