Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kerala Ameer's statement on Hamid Vanimel and Elections

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hameed sahib was unable to digest the majority opinion of Jamaat sympathisers,workers and members.So he resigned from Jamaat.It is very natural.And insha allah..Jamaat will respect him and will try to utilise the virtues inside him in the future.He is not becoming outside Jamaat just because he resigned from the membership.As far as he is a man with some virtues, he is a man whome Jamaat will utilise.And it is also sure that he cant reject Jamaat completely.Insha Allah..everything is for good

Anonymous said...
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T Azeez Luthfullah said...

It is sad that Br Hameed Vanimel has left the Jamaat over a trivial issue.

The goal and vision of establishing deen in all parts of life in this part of the world is far more superior, dearer and important than supporting this and that alliance in a state election.

Differences in opinion would always be there in collective life. The affairs of the Jamaat are not conducted over whims and fancies of any single individual. It is God's grace that we have a consultative arrangement in the Jamaat. Each and every member has right to place his views.

Br Hameed Vanimel has every right and liberty to have a different opinion over any issue. But, for the sake of one's opinion one need not foresake his goal of life. It is against the spirit of the Movement - what we call as the mizaaj of the movement.

With the exit of Br Hameed Vanimel the Jamaat has lost an active foot soldier. The loss could easily and definitely be compensated. But, by opting out of the Jamaat, Br Hameed Vanimel has inflicted irrepairable wound over himself. His personal loss is colossal.

Let us pray for him. What else can we do?

Anonymous said...

Brother Luthfullah..many of the comments in Malayalam on this topic are in bad language about Hameed Vanimel sahib.May be done by some enemies of Islamic movement.Please remove them if possible.

Farooq said...

We can not consider our brothers as enemies just because they are going outside our movement.So two comments in this discussion are not good.We do not consider even members of fascist organizaion like RSS as our enemies.
Brother Hameed Vanimel may be wrong because he resigned from the movement on a trivial issue and also tried to publicise it by going for a press conference.The movement even not has announced its stand in election till today.So what he committed is not a good thing.Still we should admit the positive things.The language used in press conferance by Vanimel was modest.And he told that he coudnt digest the majority opinion.
So we can pray for him.We are Muslims,We are believers.We should not be easily conquered by negative emotions.We can pray for him.

V K Abdul Malik said...

If he could not digest the majority opinion, he could have abstained from voting for anyone in the election. He need not have resigned from the Jamaat.

Once a collective decision regarding election is taken, the members of the Jamaat are duty-bound to follow it. But, if a member does not want to vote for the canditate decided by the Jamaat, he has the option to abstain from voting itself. There is no compulsion.

But, Br Hameed Vanimel didn't chose that option. Instead he opted himself out of the movement itself. And this move seems to be a very calculated one.

Look at the timing. Those who are at the helm of the affairs of the Jamaat are away in Delhi. All of them had gone there for the Central Representative Council meeting. And in the absence of the leaders Br Hameed Vanimel goes to town blaring with his resignation.

Even for resignation of a member there are certain norms in the Jamaat. Everything has been thrown to the wind. What kind of pressure was there? Why this undue haste? What agitated his mind so much that he could not wait for the due process?

V P Abdus Salam said...

Br Hameed Vanimel was not an ordinary member. He had served the movement in various capacities. He had been the State Secretary for some time. He is also a member of the State Advisory Council. If he could take such a hasty, emotional and blind move, one shudders to think of the future.

After decades and decades of pondering and analysing the Jamaat has decided to support the formation of Welfare Party. What would happen to it?

Fathima said...

It is shocking to know this 'development'. May Allah show mercy on us.

Abdur Rahman said...

What Hameed Sahib has done is simply baffling and unfathomable. It is like jumping out of a running train. It appears to be a classic case of knee-jerk reaction.

It is very, very tragic. Hearty condolences to Hameed Sahib.

Farooq said...

Jamaate Islami started to support any of the Fronts or some of the candidates for past many years.So, Islamic Movement of India started to have opinion in election politics since those years.So what happened in the case of Hameed Vanimel is not due to the political opinion of Jamaate Islami.Jamaat did nothing unusual except for the support of one Front, which is a usual method of Jamaat.So, we can never link this incident with political activity of Jamaat.For an old member, this is a trivial issue.
Only now we understand that his resignation was a calculated one.


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