Friday, April 08, 2011

"Amma doesn't consult anybody" : Badr(Bader) Sayeed

Badr Sayeed is the last remaining Muslim face in AIADMK. Surprisingly she has been left out of the list of AIADMK canditates. As a true diehard fan(don't call slave, she is a Muslim) of Amma, she still praises her leader and hopes that she will do "something good" for her. She is bitter. But she has swallowed the bitter pill.

But she is candid and bold enough to complain that “I was not consulted at all. Ideally, I would have liked, had Amma (Jayalalithaa) called me up and said that, “Bader, you have worked hard, well done, but there are certain compulsions of coalition politics, so I am allotting Triplicane-Chepauk seat to MMK.” This was how Bader Sayeed reacted when Md. Ali of interviewed her regarding the denial of ticket to her who is also a sitting MLA from the Triplicane-Chepauk Assembly constituency.

But her apparent discontented reaction is accompanied by a realistic approach which every AIADMK politician has, “Well, in this party there is no such thing as consultation because Amma doesn’t consult any body.”

From a report of Muhammad Ali in Two circles. More Here.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. Amma does not consult with anybody over anything. It is the well known secret of Amma. Everybody knows it

Anonymous said...

Anyway, we have to commend the boldness, bravery of Badr Sayeed. She has dared to complain about her Amma! That's the great thing.

Javeed Ahmed said...

Yes. We have to commend her bravery. The hallmark of AIADMK men and women has always been unconditional slavery to the Amma! And Muhtarma Badr Sayeed Sahiba has boldly complained about her Amma's unconsutative, authoritarian attitude. This is simply amazing. We must congratulate her for calling spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

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