Saturday, April 09, 2011

A glimpse on the last days of Moulana Shafi Moonis!

Br Sadat Husseini has described the last days of Moulana Shafi Moonis Sahib in his own way. It is very moving, mellowing and heartening. You could feel the dynamic personality and charm of the departed leader in this brief mail. Br Sadat Husseini is one of the member of the Markazi Majlis-e-Numaindgan (Central Council of Representatives of the Jamaat). He has joined the Islamic Movement since his student days and needs no introduction. The following is the content of an email from him. Over to Br Sadat:

I was in the Numaindagana (The Council of Representatives of Jamaat that elect Ameer-e-Jamaat and Central Advisory Council)session that was held between 3-7 April in New Delhi. Maulana Shafi Moonis Sahib, inspite of his age and fragile health, attended each and every sessions of 3rd-5th April. 
He also attended the special session of the Central Shura on 2nd and participated in the deliberations. I was sitting just opposite to him in shura and still his smiling gestures are revolving in my eyes.
He was with us till the evening of 5th. On 5th evening he wrote his vote for Central Shura, met many delegates. I also had the opportunity to have a brief talk before he departed from the venue.
The first news we heard in the next morning's session was that he had brain hemorrhage that night. And by afternoon we got the message of his demise.
We went to his home. He was sleeping in comfort with a  beautiful smile on face as if he is about to say something. about to ask.."Hyderabad  ki kuchh nai baat sunao..kuchh achchhi khabar sunao.."
نشان  مرد   مومن   باتو   گویم   
چوں مرگ آید تبسم بر لب اوس
﴾ٰ I tell you the identity of a momin mard. 
When death come, he has a smile on his face.)
That evening his body was kept in Markaz-e-Jamaat. And we had the honor of joining the huge crowd that attended his Namaz-e-Janazah and funeral.
He lived for mission of the Jamaat. He witnessed the whole history of Jamaat right from its inception. And died a noble death with his last activity being attending an important all India session of Jamaat.
What an exemplary life and what an exemplary death!
May Allah shower His choicest blessings on the great man..Ameen

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