Friday, April 08, 2011

Tavleen Singh's scathing comments on Jan Lokpal Bill

The reason why the Lok Pal bill has been delayed is because ombudsmen have rarely been able to do much elsewhere.
In India a Lok Pal will amount mostly to investment in another layer of useless and expensive bureaucracy.
To reduce corruption we need administrative reform and legitimized donations to political parties. This might help.Less clerks. Transparent rules for government procedures. Punishment for delaying tactics.
Went to Jantar Mantar this morning. Anna Hazare was resting while TV reporters whipped up a frenzy on his behalf.
When will they snap out of this frenzy and realize that nobody except Parliament has a right to make laws?
When will they realize that the jan lok pal vidheyak is flawed, draconian and dangerously undemocratic?
Anna Hazare is using the rage of ordinary Indians against corruption to ram a bad law down our throats.

From a series of tweeets made by Tavleen Singh. More Here.


T Azeez Luthfullah said...

You cannot eradicate corruption by merely enacting laws and bills. You have to strike at the root cause of this evil.

The root cause of the all prevalent corruption lies in the mindset of the people. You have to change the people to change the scenario.

As long as people are willing to pay bribe, corruption would continue to thrive.

V K Abdul Malik said...

Yes. You are right. Corruption cannot be nailed down through bills and acts. Mindset should change. Sab chalta hai attitude should change

Anonymous said...

What we need is an ethical cleansing of public life. Nothing would come out with candle marches. As Rajni Kanth once famously said "The system itself should be changed"

Anonymous said...

Cause to all problems is population. Because of which nothing is available without competition and hence bribe to avoid competetion.

shekhar said...

you forget that in this country criminals win elections using money power which an honest citizen cannot do.once elected they are deaf and dumb to the needs of the citizens except towards lobbyists of other criminals and dishonest industrialists for whom they create new laws at the drop of a hat.yet when a rag tag citizen's movement tries to lobby for some sort a law to curb corruption in any manner,tries to get into a committee in a manner for which there are several precedents,goes about in an admittedly disjointed manner,flaps around desperately trying to introduce a lokpal bill which is surely not going to end corruption but which will strike the first blow at its roots,and which will give the citizen the confidence that those who are deaf and dumb can be made to listen and respond to them, you react with alarm and forget that the new inheritors of india ,the youth who are now the majority population of this country are not old and tired and cynical.they have hope running through their veins not pessimism like in yours.peace unto you,live with your anxiety and worry,we move on .


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