Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I am a Muslim and an Indian

I am a Muslim and an Indian
 I am a Muslim and an Indian because my heart cries every time a human is slaughtered in the name of religion

I am in shambles whenever the ‘up holders’ of rule of law use it to justify murders, rapes and pograms.

I am a Muslim and an Indian because my tears do not recognize the difference between an Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Dalit, Tamizhan, Kannadiga, Telugu, Malayali or an Atheist

It pains to witness the Courts being used as the sheltor of merchants of deaths, rapists, murderers instead of as a place to deliver Justice.

I am appalled when judgements, meant to deliver messages of justice, call out for injustice.

I cry when innocent youth - my brothers and your brothers - lose their lives in fake encounters.

I am appalled when ordinary Muslim youth lose their precious years in jails just because they happened to be born as Muslims in India.

I am a Muslim and an Indian because inciting violence in the name of religion, caste, language offends me more than corrupted netas and swindling babus.

I am a Muslim and an Indian because I choose to speak; to question.
I want to ask, why?
Why are merchants of deaths and mass murderers allowed to get away with bails?

I want to ask, what?
What religion, ideology or culture justifies shielding cold blooded murderers and architects of Genocides?

I want to ask, where?
Where are all the promises of peace, co-existence, plurality that were promised by Indian constitution?

I want to ask, how?
How did the pillars of democracy, which were meant to guide us and hold us together in unity, became the tool for discrimination?

I want to ask, who?
Who will put an end to this tragic state of affairs?

I want to ask, when?
When will we realize that injustice feeds injustice?

But I know there would be no answer.
Ignore me. 
Silence me with your silence.
Because, I am a Muslim and an Indian.

Source of Inspiration : Sana Saleem. Here


V K Abdul Malik said...

It is touching, moving and mellowing. Keep it up.

Abdul Bari said...

I am a Muslim and an Indian. And I am silent.

Amanullah said...

Remember, not a single goonda, not a single badmaash, not a single fasaadi, not a single murderer, rapist involved in anti-Muslim riots have been punished in the seven decades of Independent India.

We talk about democracy, human rights, justice and freedom. But there is a pattern here in dispensation of Justice with regard to atrocities committed on Muslims.

Shree Krishna commission report has been thrown to the dust bin. The murderers of January 1993 Mumbai riots are roaming free. But the culprits of 1993 bomb blasts were punished.

The murderers of Indhra Gandhi were punished. But the architects of Delhi anti-Sikh riots were give ministerial berths.

The culprits of Coimbatore blasts were rounded up and punished. But those who murdered 19 Muslims were given promotions.

The list goes on.

Tariq Azeez said...

But still there is hope. There are some serious, drastic and highly condemnable lapses in the field of Justice. Agreed that Justice has been the proverbial distant rainbow to the Indian Muslims.

But still there is hope. Agreed that no political party is sincere in its approach towards the biggest minority community. Each and every political party has used the Muslims as vote banks and never bothered for their welfare or development or safety. There is no doubt about it.

But still there is hope. Agreed that not a single bigot has been punished in Independent India. Agreed that countless number of innocent, peace loving, ordinary Muslim youth are lavishing in the Jails. The percentage of Muslim inmates in the Jails far exceeds the proportion of overall Muslim population. Nobody would dispute it.

But still there is hope. For every blood thirsty Narendra Modi we have a valiant Teesta Setalvad. For every wily, wicked and devilish L K Advanis we have a noble, upright and modest Harsh Mander. And so on and on.

So let us not lose hope. Don't curse the darkness. Light a candle.

Muhammad Zafar said...

Wellsaid Tariq Azeez!. Dil ki baat batadee aapne..!

M S Sanaullah said...

I agree with the views of Tariq Azeez.
Delayed Justice and Denial of Justice is definitely a challenge faced by the Indian Muslims. Discrimination and deprivation too are big hurdles for Indian Muslims.

But, is it not a fact that Muslims are happier, peaceful and enterprising here than any other place in the world.

But, still is it not a fact that More and more non-Muslims men and women, brothers and sisters embrace Islam notwithstanding the adverse conditions of Muslims.

But, still is it not a fact that we have largest network of Madrasas, Maktabs, Masjids throughout the country? We have the highest number of Hafiz Sahibs, Ulemas and Muftis in the world. Our Alims have spread all over the world.

But, still is it not a fact that the society has established a number of Baitul Mals, Interest free financial institutions. And the scope, opportunity and room to establish and operate such institutions are increasing day by day.

But, still is it not a fact that the Indian Government is at the threshold of making amendments in the Banking Act to facilitate Islamic Banking in India?

But, still is not a fact that talented, hardworking, striving youngsters (Muslim youth) have made it to the top in industry, commerce, arts, cinema, sports etc?

Nipun said...

I think we should should be united as Indians.
All those who involved in Violence should be brought to Justice irrespective of caste, religion.
Who believe India as motherland are Indians with equal rights.
All laws discriminating Indians should be abolished.
Then only we can have sovereign secular country


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