Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some shocking photos of Japan Tsunami and some after thoughts

These are some of the breathtaking photos of mind boggling damages inflicted by the deadly earthquake and tsunami which stuck Japan last week. They are available Here 
The Japanese are most disciplined people on the earth. Look at the third photograph. It depicts a traffic jam. Even in traffic jam the vehicles stand one after another. 

Immediately after this tragedy I received SMSs from many friends known and unknown describing the devastation caused by the tsunami as divine punishment. It said that Japan is the first to ban Hijab (It is not true). It also said that Japanese were against Islam (It is also not true.). And there were some similar absurd generalisations. In a nutshell the SMSs tried to say that Japanese DESERVE it. Similar sentiments were rampant among Americans too. PZ Myers, better known in the science blogging world as Pharyngula has compiled several Facebook messages of people saying that the Japan earthquake was due to revenge of Pearl Harbour.

I could not understand the thinking behind such SMSs. This world is Dar-ul-Amal ie a place for action. This is not Darul Jaza or Saza ie a place where judgement is delivered.

What happened in Japan is very tragic. It is not divine retribution. Calamity or Prosperity; Tragedy or Gaiety; Adversity or Felicity everything are tests for us. We are in examination hall. What we get is just a question paper. It may be in the form of blessings. It may be in the form of calamities. How do we cope with them is the REAL TEST. 

The Prophet of Islam has said : "The believer is in such a strange state. When calamity strikes him, he observes patience and gains reward from God. And when prosperity engulfs him, he shows gratitude and gains reward from God. It is indeed wonderful" In modern parlance this could be said as Win-Win situation. 

So we cannot declare anybody as pious or vicious on the basis of prosperity or calamity. A man may live perpetual poverty and misery, yet, he may be the best in the eyes of God. A man may live with all the comforts and good things in life, yet, he may be the worst in the eyes of God. 

We see so many tyrants, mass-murderers and wicked people roaming free. That does not mean that God is pleased with them. Similarly we see so many good, noble and pious people suffering all types of tragedies. That does not mean that God is angry with them.

Let us not make hasty conclusions about others. In our haste we tend to forget ourselves. It may lead us to far greater calamity than the thousands tsunamis put together. 

May God save us from such calamities. Aameen

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