Friday, September 14, 2012

How to protest against the dirty film on the Prophet of Islam?

"I don't want to hear it"
I screamed when my friend started to describe what he has seen in the blasphemous film.
I had to repeat the same when another friend started to do the same.
I had to advice another friend who had posted the link to the dirty film to remove the link.

For me the best way to tackle the sinister designs of USA and Israel is to completely ignore the film. Don't talk about the dirty film. Don't hear about the dirty film.
Be calm. Register your anguish and agony to the Americans. Let the Americans know that we are hurt - deeply hurt - by the calculated, cunning and evil move by some of their co-citizens.

And the best way to counter this menace is to introduce the life and message of Prophet of Islam to others. That is the need of the hour.
Here is the best way to respond to the nefarious designs of USA and Israel. I have been avoiding coco-cola and pepsi cola for the past twelve years. Do it if you can.

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