Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's nefarious designs in Syria

The parliamentary election result in Turkey ensuring another term for the ruling "Islamist" party AKP (Justice and Development Party) significantly strengthens the US position on Syria. Ankara has hardened its stance on Assad and has begun openly criticizing him. A more obtrusive Turkish role in destabilizing Assad and forcing a regime change in Damascus can now be expected in the coming weeks. Ironically, Turkey also controls the Bosphorous Straits.

By improving ties with Turkey in the past decade, Moscow had been hoping that Ankara would gradually move toward an independent foreign policy. The Kremlin's expectation was that the two countries could get together and form a condominium over the Black Sea. But as events unfold, it is becoming clear that Ankara is reverting to its earlier priorities as a NATO country and US's pre-eminent partner in the region. Ankara cannot be faulted: it made a shrewd assessment and drew a balance sheet concluding that its interests are best served by identifying with the Western move to effect a regime change in Syria.

Additionally, Ankara finds it profitable that it identifies with the Saudi approach to the upheaval in the Middle East. The wealth Arabs in the oil-rich countries of the Persian Gulf are willing to send their "green money" to Turkey. Ankara also shares Saudi misgivings about Iran's rise as regional power.

In sum, the US is slowly but steadily getting the upper hand over its agenda of a regime change in Syria. Whether Moscow will buckle under this immense pressure and accept a rollback of its influence in Syria is the big question. Moscow has threatened to cooperate with Beijing and adopt a common stance over Syria. But Moscow's ability to counter the American juggernaut over Syria is weakening by the day.

The course of events over Syria will certainly impact profoundly on the US-Russia reset. The Obama administration seems to have done its homework and concluded that it is worth taking that risk for the sake of ensuring Israel's security. The warship that sailed into the Black Sea carries a blunt message to Russia to accept that it is a mere pale shadow of the former Soviet Union.
M K Bhadra kumar in Asia Times online. Here

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Anonymous said...

So it seems quite clear to the former Indian Diplomat as well that how much western governments are neck deep in the middle east running a quasi-colonial caliphate formerly islamic, by hook or crook. It should obviously reveal to islamists around the world including India that the grievances of the Arabs from atlantic to the persian gulf are genuine, but the revolution or rebellion is spearheaded,managed & administered by stooges offloaded with weapons and training, straight from W DC, London, Paris, Brussles, Tel Aviv etc. So out of 3 'axis of evil states' one is already eliminated, second one is being pulled down without any mercy(oh! when did word 'MERCY' exist in western lexicon since 1099 AD), third one though a Shiite Islamic has to be sent to stone age by instigating Armageddon, thereby expelling the Palestinian issue forever with Qatar-American Zionist friendship, though the vote in UN scheduled in Sept.2011 will be of much importance to muslims around the world, of which the signs are visible to those who are not one-eyed. Hence all the holocaust in Middle East and Muslim world will only be to preserve,protect and defend the satanic state of Israel so that Dajjal takes his throne to Jerusalem for which the final preparations are in full swing. Hints can be obtained from the book 'Jerusalem in the Quran' by Maulana Imran Hosein and his stunning 'Al Jazeera Depetion' lecture in 2003. Its only a matter of time to find out if islamists are one-eyed or not, since Misri Ikhwan and their UK MAB including Sheik Qaradwi displayed they are incapable of visions needed to guide the humanity.


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