Monday, June 06, 2011

Omar Mukhtar Lion of Desert

Omar Mukhtar has been my favourite heroes. I came to know about this brave freedom fighter duritng college days when the film Omar Mukhtar the lion of the desert was released.

At those days I got myself attached with the Islamic movement and totally abstained from watching films. It was an experience - soothing, exhilerating one - to shoo away the influence of films.  Initially I counted the days without films. I counted upto 100. Then it is history. But Omar Mukhtar is the only exception. It was the only film I viewed in Theatre. I remember vividly the day I viewed in erstwhile Alankar Theatre in Madras. Note : I watched it with Brs P M Yousuf Patel, C Muhammad Parvez stalwarts of SIO then. We had gone to see the film after attending a three day training camp!

Then Br T Yousuff Basha gave the book on Omar Mukhtar. It was written by marumalarchi Yousuf Sahib and the narration was gripping. I read it while travelling in a bus. And I read it again and again. Here you can watch it.


Anees Annanur said...

I saw this movie from Amazing man he was.. May Allah accept his struggle... He fought against French, British, Italians for several yrs... His fighting tactics were mind-blowing...

And @ the end of his life, when he was asked what was his last wish, he said: He need to perform prayers.. Masha Allah..

T Azeez Luthfullah said...

Yeah. And another memorable scene is the depiction of a young lad. When his dead body is carried away in a truck, the wailing crowd run behind it. At the same time this tiny tot leaves the safe hands of his mother and reaches out to take the broken glass left behind by the leader. With this scene the director succeeded in symbolically conveying the message that the struggle for liberation would continue with the next generation.


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