Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Train your mind

My friend’s son, who successfully cleared the a bank probationary exam last year, was asked two questions in course of viva-voce. One of the interviewers asked him: “Tell me, Mr Ravindran, what if I decide to run away with your sister?” The 24-year replied:
“Great sir. I couldn’t find a better husband for my sister.”

Placing a cup of coffee before him, another interviewer asked him: “This is your last question of the interview. Please tell me the exact position of the centre of this table.” Ravindran confidently put one of his fingers at one point. The interviewer asked how he knew that for sure. Ravindran was quick to reply: “Sir, you said this was the last question. So, I took a wild guess.”

Ravindran was selected with an excellent score. You see, apparently, the two answers Ravindran gave do not sound awfully innovative, per se. However, what’s striking is the fact that he succeeded in giving innovative replies with alacrity. In short, Ravindran’s replies were out-of-the-box responses which defied the constricted mindset that we find in most people today.

From an article by N Raghuraman in DNA Read the world
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