Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They call you a 'terrorist' if you are a Muslim, and 'accused' if you are a Hindu

The Ajmer Dargah blast case has taken a new twist after the recent arrest of some persons belonging to some extremist organisations. Now the Rajasthan ATS is giving heed to the information obtained from the Malegaon blast accused. Sadbhav Manch Rajasthan, a united forum of public organisations and Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) expressed their concern in a joint press conference held here, for the delay of about two and a half years on part of our investigating agencies, despite the fact that they already had clear indications from the Malegaon blast accused.
Mr. Sawai Singh, convener Sadbhav Manch Rajasthan, said “we advised the investigating agencies in the very beginning to keep all possibilities at hand and not to spare any one from the investigation.” He said that a central minister had given a very irresponsible statement when he visited Ajmer after the blast; he held some Muslim organisations responsible for the blast without any evidence. The statement set all investigations in one direction and a particular community was targeted in the name of investigation, he added. He said that during the BJP regime, the investigating officers only fulfilled the communal agenda of the government by pursuing a particular community.
Mr. Paikar Farooq, State convener of the APCR said that when our police could not find any evidence against the individuals arrested for the serial bomb blasts in Jaipur, they accused them of other charges. Even after two years, no charges could be framed in the court against them, he added. He insisted on reinvestigating the Jaipur blasts case in the illumination of latest revelations.
The organisations demanded reinvestigation of the Jaipur blasts case in the light of recent revelations. They also demanded stern action against the officers who mislead the whole investigation, also to keep all options open and all possibilities in mind.
Mr. Saleem, showing the news clippings to the media men, blamed that the media held different measures for different communities. When some Muslims were arrested in suspect, they straightway held them responsible for the blasts and bluntly marked them as terrorists, due to which, some of them were fired from their services and some being students had to compromise with their future, while this time they are using the term ‘accused’ for the arrested persons, simply because they belong to a different community.

From a report in Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's website.
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