Monday, May 10, 2010

Shah Faisal : "Iam humbled. I had faith in hard work and Allah's grace"

Shah Faisal, 27, says he owes his success to his well-knit middle class family from Kupwara — his 47-year-old mother Mubeenaji, a younger brother and a young sister — and to divine blessings.
Talking to IANS on telephone from New Delhi, Faisal said: "I am humbled. I had faith in my hard work, Allah's grace and the blessings of my family.
"My mother, brother and sister equally share the honour as they supported me like a rock when I decided to sit for the most coveted exams in the country."
Faisal cleared the examination in his very first attempt. "I am very happy and want to serve the people of the country. I want to set an example by providing corruption-free administration to the people."
As a doctor he says he is in a noble profession. "But my people need me as a civil servant. I want to be a role model for Kashmiri youth."
His mother is overjoyed. "I cannot fully express my joy though I knew Faisal had the capability to do it. It is entirely Allah's grace," said Mubeenaji.
Do you think this is a turning point for the troubled Jammu and Kashmir? Will Faesal be successful in becoming a role model for others? 
From IANS report Kashmiri doctor who tops IAS exam wants to be role model
in Gulf News
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