Monday, May 17, 2010

"I have been reading Quran for months now," said Mehmood

As a reporter I was once asked to do a piece on what people were reading. This must have been 1995. I telephoned Mehmood who was surprised to be asked this. "I've been reading the Quran for months now," he said. What else, I asked. "Nothing else, everything is in it," he said, and hung up.

From Aakar Patel's article.

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Fatima Tayba said...

I liked the statement. It is good that he has been reading Quran for months. I understand there are hundreds of people who can not read or write Quran. For these people, I would like to suggest to use self learning Quranic App named as Noorani Qaida. It will help them learn any verses of Quran they wan.t


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