Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Niaz Ahmed, the hero of Ervadi

A call of death was received and immediately an ambulance was arranged free of cost. The receiver of the call inquires, “Do you need freezer coffin?” There was another call. This was from a woman from labour spasmodic pangs. An auto-rickshaw was immediately arranged.

Who cares for these medical calls? Niaz Ahmed.

Niaz Ahmed and his elder sister are afflicted with myopathy a condition wherein the muscles of the body will slowly be atrophied. His lower limbs and part of his right hand have become no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully. But he is the town’s man.

Niaz Ahmed has an indomitable will power with inexorable fate which has not deterred him. He is very vigorous, hard working. Besides he is always surrounded by a very vibrant group which helps him to cope up with his failing health system. Above all he is a charming and vivacious host of good qualities.

"I am losing my hands and gaining twelve because 6 friends are around me to help. They lift me to places wherever I want and they feed me morsel by morsel” says Niaz. He has government certificate which certifies that he is 90% physically defective. His efforts to fetch government aid remain futile. Yet, he has not lost his faith in Allah and he is self employed. He has invested more than 1.5 lakhs in an embossing machine which prints rexene leather and has started his own rexene business.

Above all he is the town’s man dealing with the problems of the town.

From Ko Shafee Ahmed's write up in Two circles
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Thavidu Iqbal said...

Niaz Ahmed is indeed a hero. His Quddari - self reliance is simply astonishing. If a believer in Allah gets such a self-confidence and self assurance he can do wonders. Hats off to Niaz!


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