Monday, May 10, 2010

Could you drink 130 litres of water in 10 minutes?

Heat insulating fur; this fur consists of thick and felted hair that does not only protect the body of the animal against cold and hot climatic conditions, but also eliminate the water loss of the body. The Hecin camel can delay the perspiration of its body by means of increasing its body temperature up to 41° C, and thus prevents the water loss. With its thick fur, camels in Asia can survive high temperatures reaching up to +50° C in summer and falling down to -50° C in winter.

Camels can live without food and water for 8 days under temperatures of 50° C. During this period, it looses 22% of its body weight. However, it can survive even if it looses 40% of the water in its body, whilst loosing just 12% would cause a man's death. Another reason of its endurance against thirst is a mechanism which enables the camel to increase its internal temperature up to 41° C. Thanks to this, the animal keeps the water loss at the minimum level in the extereme hot climates of the desert. Camels can also decrease their internal body temperature down to 30° C in the cold nights of the desert.

Camels can consume 130 liters of water almost in 10 minutes. This amount is approximately one third of their body weight. Besides, camels also have a mucus structure in their nose, which is 100 times larger in area than the man's. Every time the animal breathes, air is moisturized by the mucus. When we breathe, we lose 16 mg of water vapor for every litre of air. However, with the structure of the mucus, camels can get use of the moisture in the air in a ratio of 66%.
To watch video depicting amazing details click here From Harun Yahya

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