Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hijab is the height of intellect and sophistication: Tawakkol Karman

The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman poses with her medal and certificate during the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony at the city hall in Oslo. The international community has not provided enough support for the uprising in Yemen, “Arab Spring” activist Tawakkol Karman lamented after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Saturday.
Journalists asked Tawakkol Karman with suprise whether she does not see her mode of dressing as something which contradicts her education and intellectual level as the hijab is viewed as oppression of women and backwardness.

Karman answered them : “The human being in early times was almost naked with the development of his thought over time he began to wear clothes.What I am today and what I wear Is the height of intellect and sophistication reached by man through the ages, not backwardness.Unclothedness is a sign of backwardness and human thinking going back to early times”.
From Humanitarian endeavour. Here

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