Sunday, January 29, 2012

The arrest and ordeal of Ghulam Azam Sahib

Veteran leader of the Islamic Movement in the Indian sub-continent Janab Ghulam Azam Sahib is languishing in jail for the past eighteen days. He is 89 years old and affected with age related complications. The attitude of the Bangaladesh Government is depressing, agonising and shameful. What does it want to achieve by torturing a 89 year old leader? The silence of the world community is deafening.

Ghulam Azam Sahib moving with the help of two policemen

Ghulam Azam Sahib waiting for help

Ghulam Azam Sahib - prison van

Inside the prison van
Ghulam Azam getting down from the prison van

Yet you can make a difference. Just click the link How can you help and do the needful. More Photos Here

“I am worried about my husband’s life”

“After seeing him today, I am worried about my husband’s life. At 10.30 am on Friday, the prison authorities agreed 3.30 pm for me to meet my husband at the prison cell. When I arrived there on time, the authorities of the prison cell made me, an 80 year old woman, wait for an hour without even having the courtesy to give reasons. The man (my husband) who left the house for court 16 days ago on 11 January 2012 walking was almost unrecognizable today. He was so weak that he could merely sit on his bed with the help of two people. He is not able to have a single meal in peace. “

“An 89-year-old man needs constant care and support,, whereas he even has to [perform menial tasks such as] washing his own plate. The inhuman behaviour towards him shown by the hospital and prison authorities is a gross violation of human rights. After many oral and written efforts, we could not yet provide him with Qur’an, Hadith, Qur’an Translation and Tafsir (commentary) for the last 17 days that could keep him going in his solitary life. In spite of trying for two weeks, no barber was arranged for him. After the specialist’s recommendation and many oral and written applications, he was allowed some additional foods on Thursday. He is not getting the types of food he needs. There have been around 10-12 applications to the hospital and prison authorities most of which have not even been replied. The way both the authorities are trying to avoid our family is hurtful and extremely discourteous. “
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