Friday, February 25, 2011

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to launch a political party by name "Welfare Party"

Jamaat-e-Islami-e Hind is planning to launch its political party.

Tentatively called the “Welfare Party,” it is learnt that senior Jamaat members have been touring not just the poll-bound states but UP, Bihar and Maharashtra, too, to test the waters. While discussions about the need for a party have been on for two years, the formal launch is expected soon — some say even as early as next month.
A six-page note prepared by the Jamaat and accessed by The Indian Express details the objectives and the remit of the proposed party.

Jamaat, which already has a well-developed network of front organizations like a women’s wing and a students’ wing, is anxious not to be seen as a purely Muslim party but one which keeps the welfare of marginalized groups besides Muslims, such as the poor, backwards and SC/STs central to its proposed political face.

The party’s concept paper makes scathing remarks about the state of the polity, especially the unequal distribution of new wealth in the new “happening” India. Underlining a social-democrat, religious and value-based “formula,” it calls for a “paradigm shift.” The party envisages strong participation by the middle-class and from individuals “having a record of flawless public service”, committed to “ideals” and “values” and the ability to break the connection “between political power and wealth creation.”

Said a senior Jamaat member: “This won’t be Jamaat’s party but our members would be fully with it. People feel left out from the way political parties work these days. We want to keep welfare as the central element of it. We believe in public funding, in the way Kanshi Ram set out asking for one vote and one rupee, we can do that.”
Members said that they will forge ties with “like-minded” parties and although they aren’t prepared to take on established political forces this time, they hope to make a statement by putting up a few candidates.

Seema Chishti in Indian Express. More Here.

I think there is fear that the move could backfire. The fear that power would corrupt the organisation. It would be the biggest test and there is lurking fear that we may fail. Those who fear often cite the examples of two cadre based Indian organisations which have gone astray after tasting power. But, it should be borne in mind that these organisations didn’t have any lofty ideals. What we have is the goal of attaining pleasure of Allah. And this goal would save us from all kinds of pitfalls in the path of political participation.
At the same time there is a hope that this epoch-making move would give rich dividends. The Jamaat would pass the litmus test and come out with laurels, Insha Allah. The glorious stride made by our aslaaf in various fields is before us. 
When they entered into printing and publishing industry, they carved out their own place in it. Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers is the trendsetter and pioneer in the field. Madhyayam Daily has succeeded in setting great journalistic and ethical standards in Kerala. Manuda Vasantham TV programme stands unique and tall as a lighthouse for others in Tamil Nadu. The Muslim Maternity and Zanana Hospital in Hyderabad has emerged as the largest and very important women and child care centre in South India. The Aligarh based Idara-e-Tahqeeqat-e-Islami’s efforts and strides are seen with respect and awe by others in the field. The Islamiya Arabic College in Mansoora, Hassan has blossomed as a model institution.
The question is when we succeed in all other fields and stand unique, why the success story could not be repeated in the field of politics too! When we have succeeded in producing great writers, managers, doctors, engineers, teachers, etc., why can’t we produce good politicians and parliamentarians? And the country is in dire need of good and honest politicians and parliamentarians.
Of course the fear of failure is there. I think this oscillation between fear and hope should always be there. It will make us hold fast to the rope of Allah. It will strengthen the bond with Allah. There is no doubt about it.
T Azeez Luthfullah in Radiance Viewsweekly. More Here and Here


Abdul Sattar said...

It is a giant leap for the Jamaat. Hope it succeeds in its goal.

V K Abdul Malik said...

Definitely it is a tall order. Hope Jamaat succeeds the test with flying colours.

Jaadu Jabbar said...

It is the most eagerly waited news. Hope it would be the trendsetter and rewrite the rules of the game called electoral politics of India.

anas journalist said...

good for all


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