Thursday, October 13, 2011

A lion roars..!

Do you hear கர்ஜனை  of the lion? I received this photo taken in a mobile thru a friend. The oldman with the mike is Janab P A Syed Muhammad Sahib of Coimbatore. He has been attached with the Islamic Movement for the past fifty years. He has served the Movement in various capacities. He has been the circle Incharge, unit president and district organisor. More than thirty brothers and sisters of his family (sons, daughters, grand sons, grand daughters) are active workers of Islamiya Iyakkam. He is seen here wielding the megaphone canvassing for the canditate contesting in Corporation election in Coimbatore. A placard depicting the symbol of the canditate (Globe) is lying beside him. You can also see a flag of SIO too. Curiously there is no sign of the flag of Welfare Party of India.

Eleven brothers and sisters are in the fray this time. In the last election Br T Muhammad Ismail of Vaniyambadi got elected as MC in the Municipality of Vaniyambadi. He is the first member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in the whole of India to get elected to a Municipality. Now this time Br A. Syed Nazeer is contesting for the Municipal Chairmanship in Krishnagiri. If he gets elected he would be the first Municipal Chairman of the Islamic Movement in Tamil Nadu Insha Allah.

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Anonymous said...

You have aptly described him as the lion. He resembles Omar Mukhtar the lion of the desert in his appearence.

Jokes apart, one cannot deny that he is different.

What makes him different? Polls are being held for more than one lakh twenty thousand postings in various corporations, municipalities, panchayat unions across Tamil Nadu. More than eleven lakh canditates are there in the fray. And more and more lakhs of people are actively engaged in campaigning this or that canditate. What makes P. A. Syed Muhammad and his colleagues different? Why do they stand apart from the crowd?

They are different. Because they are there not on the basis of caste, religion, language or region. They are there to seek the pleasure of their Creator.

They are different. Because they are toiling in the heat not for money, power and position. They are there out of their concern for the welfare of the nation, state, city and society.

They are different. Because they are not after name, fame and game. They are there out of their sense of responsibility towards their country and society.

Hats off to P. A. Syed Muhammad and umpteen number of such volunteers campaigning in the field.


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