Saturday, October 22, 2011

The debacle in local bodies election in Tamil Nadu and some thoughts

More than eleven brothers and sisters affiliated with the Islamic Movement contested in the just held local bodies eletion in Tamil Nadu. They were supported by the newly launched Welfare Party of India. Infact the state President of the welfare party Mr S. N. Sikkander toured, campaigned and strived for the victory of the canditates in fray. While the majority of them contested for the post of Corporator or Councillor one brother (Br A Syed Nazeer) contested for the Municipal Chairmanship. All of them have been defeated badly. Even the much hyped Janab T Ismail Sahib (the first member of Jamaat to get elected as councillor in the whole of country) too bited the dust.

The outcome is indeed sad and shocking. Ofcourse winning and losing a election is part of the game. But, it is sad that not a single soul managed to win. 

But, at the same time it is pleasing to note that thousands of voters across the state prefered to vote for these brothers and sisters. The fact that these canditates in their maiden attempt have succeeded in striking the chord with vast multitudes of people is itself reassuring. 

It should be noted that each and every single vote procured by these men and women is much more, more and more valuable than others. 

Because these are not the votes which were casted driven by the communal zeal or caste affiliation. These are the visa documents given by the noble for a dawn of new era.

These votes are not the one which are casted driven by the devotion to one's own party. These votes were casted by those noble souls who marched towards the polling booth attracted by the slogan மக்கள் பணம் மக்களுக்கே public money should be spent for the public alone.  

These votes were not bought for a few hundred rupees. Rather these are the votes of those illustrious sons and daughters of this great nation who believe in probity in public life. 

These are not the votes which were casted induced by the childish wish that "My vote should not go waste. I will vote only the winning canditate". Rather these are the votes casted by the responsible citizens of this country who believe in the concept of Welfare State, Communal Harmony, Inclusive Democracy etc.

Therefore we should thank all of these noble souls who prefered us and voted us. We should do everything to consolidate them and save their good-will. We have to work harder and harder. We have to work  indefatiguably. 

Besides we have to analyse the reasons for this debacle. What went wrong? Why did we fail? What to be done? How to rectify, reform and reach out? 

At the same time all those brothers and sisters who worked tirelessly deserve praise and acclaim. They have spent their time. They have spared their money. They have done everything. May Allah accept their endeavours and reward in excess. 

Another point is that these brothers and sisters have become known figures in their respective areas. In a way this is capital to us. And this capital if invested properly would give rich dividends in near future. Insha Allah. The urgency and the need of contiuous work and struggle is undisputable. Allah-o-Akbar.


Anees Annanur said...

Quli al-lahumma malika al-mulki tu-“ti al-mulka man tasha-“u wa-tanzi’u al-mulka mimman tasha...

Say, "O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. [3:26]

Anonymous said...

Aakhir..aagaya na oont pahad ke!

T Azeez Luthfullah said...

@ Anees Annanur. Well said, Anees. Besides, you can also add the following verses:
"All that is hidden in the heavens and the earth lies within the power of Allah. To Him are all matters referred for judgement" (Hud 11: 123)

"Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion of the Universe, and Who has power over everything. Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed" (Al Mulk 67 : 1-2)

"If you do not march forth, Allah will chastise you grievously and will replace you by another people, while you will in no way be able to harm Him. Allah has power over everything." (Al Tawbah 9 : 39)

"To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth" (Al Zumar 39 : 63)

T Azeez Luthfullah said...

@ Anonymous. I can't catch you. Konsa oond..! Kaisa pahad..!

Anonymous said...

One has to see the broader picture. This is the election in which more than One lakh twenty one thousand people were elected for various posts.
The number of canditates contested with the support of Jamaat and welfare party is just eleven.
And ALL of them were defeated.
How pathetic!

T Azeez Luthfullah said...

@ Anonymous
You are right brother.
The participation, share and involvement of Muslims in the local bodies is dwindling. In many places where Muslims used to get elected to the Vice Chairman post in many towns. Nowadays they have been sidelined and sidetracked.
Even the Muslim parties like Muslim League, Manitha Neya Makkal Katchi, SDPI have not done well. Their number stands at just above 100 seats.
This does not augur well for the community. It is, as you said, just pathetic.


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