Saturday, October 15, 2011

L. K. Advani, Jan Chetna Yatra and 500 Rupees

In India everything has a price. And L. K. Advani has fixed the price for coverage of his Jan Chetna Yatra. It is official now. The sum is Rs Five Hundred Only.

This cash for coverage scandal has marred the Jan Chetna Yatra and blackened the face of L. K. Advani. It also shows the real intention behind the Yatri and Yatra. It is for publicity, man. Nothing else. L. K. Advani wants to hog the limelight. He wants to be in the TV screens and newspaper day after day after day. A Yatra spanning 7500 kms fits the bill.

All this talk of eradication of corruption is humbug. Remember when he was at the helm of affairs of the nation we had series of scams and scamster. Kargil coffin scam, petrol bunk scam, helicopter deal scam, tehelka exposure etc. etc. Who could forget Bangaru Lakshman? The late leader of BJP had asked bribe in US dollors!
A report in Zee News: Senior BJP leader LK Advani's anti-graft road show, the Jan Chetna Yatra, has run smack into charges of cash inducements after reaching Madhya Pradesh on Thursday.

Reports said state BJP leaders tried to “bribe” journalists in order to do favourable coverage of the yatra, which is mainly targeting corruption and black money.

It was reported that envelopes containing money worth Rs 500-1,000 were given to journalists at a press conference called by local BJP MP Ganesh Singh at the district party office in Satna on Wednesday. That press conference was held a day before Advani’s press meet there.

State PWD Minister Nagendra Singh was also present at that controversial press conference.
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