Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Subramanian Swamy, Hindu Fascism and Tamil Brahmins

So, where does the Zionist way of Swamy’s thinking come from? It might be because Swamy is a Tamil Brahmin, and he feels that the social upsurge there which took the form of challenging and overthrowing the Brahmin domination in Tamil society from about the middle of the 19th century — no, it is not centuries old because the political elites in pre-colonial India were never Brahmins — and many Tamil Brahmins feel persecuted, intellectually and culturally at one level, and more acutely at the social and political levels. Many Tamil Brahmins are more receptive to the Hindutva thought than any other group in South India. Tamil Brahmins are in a continual intellectual sulk. Swamy personifies this.

He is not acceptable in the Bharatiya Janata Party, the natural party of Hindutva, because he cannot expand his intellectual horizon to include the complex Indian social mosaic. That is why he speaks so glibly of transcending caste barriers when caste identity is at the base of the social churning across the heartland of North India. Swamy shows that he has no clue about the Indian political reality.

All that Swamy can hope to get is to head the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is caught in a time warp much like the one Swamy is in.

Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr in DNA. More Here


Umair said...

Check this

Anonymous said...

Wah Luthfi Bhai, What was wrong in Swamy's writing that the subcontinent's mohemmadans were all of hindu origin?
Isn't that the truth? Or does your salvation lie in the distant desert? The three mistakes MK Gandhi committed for which the nation is still paying it's toll.
1)Making Nehru PM
2)Agreeing for Partition
3)Stopping the Partition process midway.

T Azeez Luthfullah said...

Wecome Mr Anonymous - a man or woman without a name!
The issue here is not the origin of Muslims or Brahmins or Aryans or Dravidians. The idea that is India is at stake here.

The idea that India is a plural society comprising of various races, religions, cultures, civilisations, languages, castes etc etc is at stake here.

The spirit of Unity in diversity is at stake here.

The notion that this great nation is built brick by brick by Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits, Brahmins, Dravidians, Christians is at stake here.

The belief and hope that people of various religions, castes, communities, cultures and civilisations would live together, struggle together and strive for a prosperous, healthy and just nation is at stake here.

As for my salvation it does not lie in some distant desert. It depends on my conduct, belief and behaviour. If I believe in my Lord and act according to His laws and regulations I could hope for my salvation. Salvation is not bound with a place, desert or river. It would be decided by one's approach to life and its Creator.

As for the three mistakes, I have no opinion. Nehru and Partition are history now. You cannot lament for the mistakes of the forefathers. It is as silly as the grudge of some Muslims that the Mughals, Turks, Qutbs, Sultans didn't Islamise this nation.

If we start thinking on such lines we would end up frustrated, disheartened and depressed. Let us look forward to the future of our great nation. Let us strive to build it as a prosperous, just and pious nation. Let us hope for the best.

Mushtaq Ahmed said...

If one goes to Harvard, holds a Ph.D in Economics and write papers along with Dr.Paul A Samuelson, should we regard him a philosopher or at least learned person. Not necessary, if one goes by what Subramaniam Swamy has written in DNA on 16th July. Surely, this must have come to DNA as a blessing in disguise as its circulation must have jumped overnight. So will the ‘Torch Bearers of Hindutva’ rejoice branding DNA as Bhagvakaraned.
Subramaniam Swamy was born in 1939, 33 years before I was born. But I remember him since the day I started to understand Indian politics. If one my goes by his credentials and his suggestions about using Nuclear technology for Scientific growth or giving agriculture the required support by establishing National Water Grid, or the audacity to run an underground movement against Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, one is bound to consider him a man of great knowledge and clear vision and enormous courage .
But Swamy is Swamy. He is bungled, blundered and bewildered at every step of his life. After he usurped the Presidency of Janata Party, instead of creating mass based support for himself, he became a tool for the power mongers. Think about a Power Broker.. and there was Swamy available.
He always remained the Humpty Dumpty on the wall, not able to decide to which side he should switch or what issue he should take up and pursue relentlessly. He wrote a book “ Hindus under Siege” which sent shockwave through the Hindutva’s spine. In order to placate them , he took up the 2G Spectrum matter. Almost when he was giving a signal to the sane minded people about his seriousness of public life, he again jolted them with his Zionist ideology.
Wow! Swamy. You have always remain an inveterate, incorrigible, indignant, imbecile. Never became ‘somebody’s man’ and loved to be in the limelight.

Mushtaq Ahmed

Anonymous said...

this swamy has called tamilians as seperateists in his recent interview on the hanging of 3 tamilians in connection with assasination of rajiv gandhi. Sure swamy has gone nuts. I am from tamil nadu. Tamil brahmins are a lot different frm tamilians. They dont belong here. So swamy's comments can not be taken as a real tamilian's views:-)


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