Friday, July 29, 2011

B.S. Yediyurappa is communal, castestic and corrupt to the core

(Gowri Lankesh, is a distinct social and political voice in Karnataka. Journalist by profession and passion she is engaged in various social, democratic and progressive movements in Karnataka. Be it Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike (Karnataka Forum for Communal Harmony) or any other reformative movement in Karnataka, Gowri has the role to play.  Gowri is committed to the principles and policies set by her father the Late Shri.Lankesh, a journalist, visionary and thinker of the state. Following are the excerpts of her views expressed to newzfirst correspondent in an exclusive interview on present socio political situation of Karnataka.)

How do you view present socio-political scenario of Karnataka?
It’s touching height of immorality because Karnataka has Chief Minister who is communal, castestic and corrupt to the core. Karnataka has never ever seen such unfortunate CM. The present socio political developments of Karnataka are evident to immoral designs of Yedyurappa and his party. At this juncture of time, while we look back at former chief ministers like late Virendra Patil, late Nijalingappa and late Ramakrishna Hegade or Bangarappa, they look alike angels in the comparison to these Yeddy & Reddys.

As most of the stories and facts we have been covering in Lankesh Patrike regularly in last six years, may it be mining, land scams or funding trusts run by his own people, the findings of Lokayukta report is very much expected one for us and public, and there is no surprise. Lokayukta has done the great job of officially compiling it and documenting.

The very first so called achievement of the Government is Operation Lotus, which itself is anti-constitutional and anti-democratic move based on the money power. What else can be expected from such man, his party and its government?

Where, according to you, the history of Karnataka has gone wrong?

Stupid politics of Congress and Janata Dal are the main facilitators for Birth of BJP and its acceptability in the state, and in the national level. Or else there were no other favorable conditions for the BJP’s emergence in the state. Congress always designed and practiced soft Hindutva and soft castism throughout the history. Unfortunately, even after the consequences, Congress has not learnt any lesson from the history. And, Mr. Devegowda has made Janata Dal as Okkaliga’s party.

India is secular democracy, all the efforts to color the castism and communalism to the education, society and politics is nothing but the destabilization of the constitution and hence the whole nation. This is what BJP is doing in these years.

Sayed Isthiyakh in Newsfirst. Here

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