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How to be more efficient at work? : Abdullah Javed

In today’s information-heavy age, majority of the people are overloaded with tasks to be performed by self or with a team. There are many theories that suggest how to be more effective at work. If one heeds to the tips, the list goes this way…arrange office space and desk to suit work style, organize the day by creating a to-do list, create time frame and deadline for the projects, delegate work, develop talents, make a list of priorities, and avoid procrastination etc.

To be a star performer is something that every heart is fond off.  But to be honest, efficiency enhancement of an individual is still a problem to be solved. To be efficient at work is something that depends on the spiritual aspects too. More often, people tend to address this issue with an intention to maximize the efficiency of an individual; focusing heavily on material aspects. As a result of which we see dearth of persons with effectiveness.

Since human beings have both spiritual and material aspects, therefore there should be a balanced approach towards both the facets. Inclination towards any one aspect will have an impact of the same measure.

Once a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hazrath Abu Dhar Giffari (RZ) asked, O Prophet (PBUH), advice me?
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: Adopt Taqwa of Allah; indeed it will beautify all your affairs
He said. Advice me still more?
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied: Adhere to the recitation of Quran and remembrance of the Almighty Allah, by virtue of which you will be remembered in the heavens and (in addition) these acts will prove to be a source of light for you on the earth. (Mishkath)

If one reflects his approach over the significance of the advice, surely he would find it quite relevant to his own needs and to the problems that the world is facing. Here is the solution; one should possess three basic qualities to be efficient.

(1) Taqwa. It means God-fearing and piety, a sense that Allah is omnipresent and watchful. It is the key element of a successful personality. If one keeps remembering Allah, all his efforts would be in accordance with His Will and Wish. Allah does not like idleness, so he becomes dynamic. Allah does not like lying and cheating, he becomes honest and sincere. Allah loves hard work, he becomes diligent. It is the fear and love of Allah that makes things beautiful and helps overcome all forms of weaknesses.

(2) Recitation of the Quran. Recitation of the Quran does not mean just plain reading; it is all about pondering over the verses and their reflections in the soul and soil, in the inside world and in the entire universe. The attachment of such a person with the Quran not only confines to the duration of recitation but it spreads to all his contemplative actions. As a result his entire life is influenced by the words of His creator i.e., the Quran.

(3) Remembrance of Allah. It includes uttering of the words that Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) have taught and also abiding by Their likes and dislikes in all matters. It’s a broader outlook of Zikr. Whether such a person is on a desktop or in a meeting, all his actions would be in accordance with the likes of Allah, as in due course he gets a criterion (light) to judge between right and wrong.

A person whose personality is embellished with these qualities is sure to be remembered by the Almighty. This is what Allah says in the Quran:

“Remember me, I Will remember you. Be grateful to me and never reject faith” (Al- Baqara: 152).

If one develops his personality in view of the demands of both material and spiritual aspects, efficiency prevails not only in his work but in his personality itself.  Is it possible to abide by these principles? Especially for those who have a secluded concept of religion that it should confine to the houses? Or for those who think that religion has no role to play in the society?

Let’s resolve to abide by the advice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by making a comprehensive plan for the month of Ramadhan.
Muhammad Abdullah Javed in Karnataka Muslims. Here

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