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Family first, Job next: Thasneem Fathima

Thasneem Fathima
I first went to the AMU in 2002. At that time, I had never even dreamt that I would study there. After marriage, when my husband planned to go to the AMU for PhD, I too tried hard and passed the GATE. Thus I joined there. The Electrical Engineering Department was excellent. All the professors were eminent in their fields. And I would like to mention two who were highly inspirational and gave me confidence – Dr Yusuf Zaman and Dr Omar Faruq. Compared to the other institutes I have studied, education at the AMU was enjoyable and tension-free. Initially I had a problem of language for communicating with the local students, but I soon got it over. There was a thrill in studying in such a distant place.

Actually I increased contact with Almighty Allah after going to the AMU. There was a Muslim culture and atmosphere in the Department. Teachers used to say ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ when entering classes. There is a masjid in the centre of the Engineering College, with all the departments around it. There were facilities for prayer in the department itself. There were eight students in my class at the AMU – three Muslim girls and five non-Muslim boys. Among the teaching staff, there was only one non-Muslim. But, here in the NIT-C where I am pursuing PhD now, there are no Muslim teachers at all. There are seven students in my batch with one Muslim boy and girl.
Being a married woman with two kids, how do you manage your family and career?
Time management is very important in studying. Normally we study one or two hours daily, and I study when my kids sleep. I utilize the available time well. Also, I had servant to help at home. My youngest son was only one and half years old when I joined for M Tech. The support of family is very important. I got complete support from my husband and in-laws. Actually, my percentage of marks increased after marriage.

Most important things in the matter of education and studies are peace of mind and prayer. I used to call up and talk to my parents and parents-in-law before every exam and ask them to pray. Their prayer is very important for me. Actually I had more people to encourage and inspire after marriage. Help of Allah is the most important thing.

When studying I had never thought of a career in teaching. But now since I want to keep family and career together, I took this up. Even when I am tired during the project days, I get brightened up when I see my kids and their smile. I have dedicated my project work to my husband and kids.
What is your advice to the growing up students, especially girls?
Though family, education and job are important, family comes a bit higher.
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