Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Osama failed? Because, he thought he had the licence to kill

Osama Bin Laden was a Visionary.
His Vision was to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. A man who had the means to live like a king preferred to live the difficult life of a fugitive in order to see his Vision fulfilled.
But he failed.
He failed because he thought he had the licence to kill – to kill not only those who did not rule by divine law, but also people who even innocently came in the way. He obviously considered the latter as part of inevitable collateral damages.
He failed because he himself contravened the divine law. The divine law did give him the licence to resist and fight injustices ( refer Qur’aan Chapter 4: Verse 135), but it did not give him the licence to hit soft targets, destroy public property and kill innocent people just to spite the unjust rulers on that account (refer 5:32).
But the Muslims of the world are apt to ask, “What about the Bushes, the Blaires and the Obamas of the Western Powers who exercise their self-given licences to kill or help kill the innocents in their thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and display scant respect for the sovereignty of other nations?”
Well, the situation may best be understood through an example. A house is successfully burgled at night. It does not mean that the burglar shall never be punished for the crime. Allah may just be keeping him aside for now to give him a greater punishment later. Now, in the meantime, He is either testing the victim of the burglary or giving him a warning punishment for some impropriety he (victim) might have earlier committed.
And on a national scale there is the example of Germany’s Hitler. About 70 years ago, he terrorised other nations into abject surrender before him. And for quite some years he had a distinct upper hand over other nations. But what happened to him in the end? He not only lost all his conquered territory, but he lost his own nation to others in an utter defeat. And he died an ignominious death in a bunker!
O you who believe! Seek help with patience and prayer. Certainly, Allah is with those who are patient! And say not unto those who are killed, in Allah's Path, as dead. Nay! They are alive, but you perceive not. And, certainly, We shall test you with something of the fear and the hunger, and with the loss in wealth, life and production. And gladden those who are patient, with the prophecy of good future. Those who, when any adversity confronts them, say, "We do indeed belong to Allah; and indeed are we to return to Him!" Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and His grace; and those are the ones that are rightly guided!” (2:153 to 157)
Muslims! Take heart from the Qur’aanic passage above. And remember Allah’s Path lies in following the Qur’aan – and not deviating from it. And have complete trust in Allah. If you do not have that trust, you are not Muslims.
 Mohammed Shafi in RabbunAllah. Here

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