Monday, September 27, 2010

India is a corporate, Hindu State : Arundhati Roy

 Arundhati Roy: However, I believe that the Indian state has abdicated its responsibility to the people. I believe that. I believe that when a state is no longer bound, neither legally nor morally by the Indian Constitution, either we should rephrase the preamble of the Indian Constitution which says...
Karan Thapar: Or?
Arundhati Roy: Which says we are a sovereign, democratic, secular republic. We should rephrase it and say we are a corporate, Hindu, satellite state.
Karan Thapar: Or?
Arundhati Roy: Or we have to have a government which respects the Constitution or we change the Constitution.
From Arundhati Roy's blunt comment in her interview in CNN-IBN. More Here.

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Anonymous said...

What did she imagine that India would be christian state or worse an islamic republic (even after the parition?).


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