Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iftar meet in Hindu Temple!

In a unique gesture of secular culture, the administration committee of Baikampadi Sri Sarala Dhoomavathi Daivasthana of 7th Block, Krishnapura hosted a rare iftar party at the temple premises in association with Youth Wing of Jama’ath-e-Islami Hind, Krishnapura Circle on Sunday.

Iftar party at a Hindu temple? That too in Krishnapura? Yes, the people of Krishnapura, a sensitive coastal town which has been hogging the limelight for wrong reasons such as communal riots, attacks, curfews and tensions for many years, have now sent a message of peace, religious harmony and co-existence to the entire coastal Karnataka.

Let thousand flowers bloom...

Nearly two hundred Hindus and Muslims got together and promised each other to strive towards establishing peace in the entire town. “This time your number is in hundreds. Next year it will increase to thousands”, said S Pramod Bhandari, President of Temple in a highly emotional tone. “Humanity, love and brotherhood are the core elements of religion. If we are truly religious and pious people we have to bridge the gap between the followers of different religions.”, he said.

A true Muslim is the one....

Muhammad Kunnhi, Manager of Shanthi Prakashana in his presidential address called upon the gathering to become the true followers of the original messages of the religion, which preaches mankind to live with harmony. Talking about the month of Ramadan and fasting, Kunnhi said that a person should cultivate self control through fasting. “A Muslim cannot be a true Muslim if he cannot control his bad emotions”, he said. 
On the same occasion Kannada translations of holy Qur’an were distributed to the Hindu guests.

Sayeed Ismaeel delivered the introductory address. B A Muhammad Ali welcomed and compered the programme. Girishe, Secretary of the Temple, proposed the vote of thanks. Haji Mumthaz Ali, Chairman, Al-Badriya English Medium School, Belliyappa, Circle Inspector, Suratkal, Yatheesh Baikampadi, social activist, Hamza, former Principal of Badriya PU College, Thilakraj, Corporator were among those present.

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V K Abdul Malick said...

Hats off to the administration committee of Baikampadi Sri Sarala Dhoomavathi Daivasthana.

This is a good move. It will go a long way in establishing communal harmony.

An average hindu does not know about fasting and its significance. This type of gettogether programme would help them to realise the blessings of Ramzan.


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