Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hindu School celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr

In an exemplary show of secularism and communal harmony, a school managed by a Hindu trust organized a program on Ramazan on Monday (Sep 6, 2010) for students between classes VIII and XII. Mr. A. Faizur Rahman, Secretary General of the Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought among Muslims was invited as the chief guest to delivera lecture on Islam. Explaining the necessity to hold such a function the correspondent of the Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School Mr. K. Santhanam said that it was the cherished goal of his institution to inculcate among the young student community the values if peace, tolerance and respect for all religions. He said that the Ramazan celebration was the first of a series programs on different religions the school plans to hold every year.

In his lecture Mr. A. Faizur Rahman said that Islam is not the name of a set of dogmas revolving around a personal god who needs to be appeased from time to time through superstitious rituals. The word “Islam” has two meaningsnamely, “peace” and submission to the will of the Creator.” In other words, Islam is the peace derived by surrendering to the will of God. The aim of Islam is to unite mankind under the laws of a single Creator based on which the entire universe functions. These laws can also be described as the common value system that finds acceptance in all societies. For example, values such as justice, fairness and equity are universally recognised as good, and vices such as murder, fraud and thievery are considered evil by all. The first set of values is described by the Quran as ma’roof and the second set is called the munkar. All that Islam expects of people is the promotion of ma’roof and the prohibition of munkar and this is to be achieved through the means of the five pillars namely, the recognition of one God, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat and Haj. Therefore, Islam can also be called a movement that strives to establish a peaceful society on the basis of shared values, Mr. Rahman explained.

The lecture was followed by a 30-minute interactive discussion during which Mr. Rahman answered questions on Islam raised by thestudents . Lauding the initiative of the school Mr. Faizur Rahman said that the idea of inter-faith dialogue must be encouraged in all educational institution as it would prepare the youth of this country to withstand and defeat the divisive agenda of religious extremists.
The lecture was preceded by a song in praise of Prophet Muhammad and speeches by students on the significance of fasting during Ramazan. 
Ms. Sreevidya, Educational Officer and Mr. S. Santhanam, Senior Principal spoke.

Source : Two circles

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