Saturday, June 19, 2010

Terror in the name of the God of Israel...

The standing military of the United States most ardent ally, Israel has killed 9 peaceful humanitarian workers in international waters on ships carrying aid to starving gentiles in Ghaza. It was all done in the name of God as the Israeli soldiers storming the ships prayed to God for the success of their mission to stop food reaching the hungry people under the blessings of their priests.

Pro-Israeli organizations in America and all over the world are silent, the same way as Christians were silent when Jews were massacred by Hitler\'s mainly Christian soldiers in Germany. Those who claim to champion the cause of justice among the Israelis are justifying the killing and the strongest ally of the Jewish state is still studying the situation. What a shame.

What was done is inhumane and among the ugliest form of terrorism. It is terrorism sponsored by the state. No ifs and no buts. But some refuse to see this as inhumane. Probably it is because a gentile has no value in the eyes of those who claim that God has given them all the wisdom to decide and determine the status of everyone else.

The so called holy land, today, offers the most unholy scene. Everything, the divine guidance inspires humans to accomplish is violated. Peace, human dignity, human life has no meaning. What is even more ironic is that the conflict is among people who claim that they have the most comprehensive divine guidance for justice, peace and love.
Only a sick mind can see the other human suffer. For almost 60 years, a people have been kicked out of their land and placed in holes not even fit for insects. At will they have been killed, humiliated and tormented. Only a sick mind will let the people die in hunger and face starvation. And only a sick mind will stop relief reaching the injured and wounded.
That sick mind, in our world, today is represented by those who claim to be the defenders of the Jewish state. Jews in America owe it to Americans to distance them from this thinking. Palestinians have the same human rights that Jews and Christians have and they have the same right to live in peace and security as the Israelis have.
In the last 60 years the Israelis have created a myth of insecurity to their existence. They have always argued that their tiny state is surrounded by Muslims who pose a constant threat to them. Well, in the 2,000 years of their existence, Jews have found them selves on the verge of annihilation either by Christian Romans or Christian Europe. Never, in their presence among Muslims, they ever felt that their religious existence was ever under threat. This myth is perpetuated by their sympathizers all over the world. In the US, their lobbies propagate lies and use all tactics including intimidation and coercion to influence the opinion of the so called people\'s representatives.
From Aslam Abdullah's article in Radiance. More Here

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