Sunday, April 25, 2010

Solidarity has done it!

As part of its ceaseless struggle against the National Highway development, Solidarity Youth Movement has exemplarily exhibited the State how to build a well-furnished four-lane highway building a 'mock highway' in 30 metres. Solidarity has been leading vigorous struggles across the State against the move to take over 45 metres of land for N.H. development.   

Solidarity's mock highway has been designed aside the National Highway at Kalarkode, Thukkukulam in Alappuzha. Hundreds of common people and leaders of various political and human right groups visited the site and extolled Solidarity's efforts to beat government's claims in a constructive way. Indeed, the spectacular mock highway unearthed the authority's unwanted hurry to acquire 45 metres of land for a highway that can comfortably be built in just 30 metres.

Along with four-lane roads, the mock highway featured a pedestrian pass in one and half metres, and an attractive median in one meter, and one another bricks-plastered pass in one meter. The mock highway, which altogether consumed 22 metres of land left 3.5 metres for each lane.

Subadrama, Thottappally, a possible victim of N.H development inaugurated construction work of the mock highway. P I Noushad, state general secretary of the Solidarity inaugurated a public protest meet. Speaking in the occasion, he raged over the deep silence of intellectuals and cultural leaders against the unfair development of National Highway, which will devastate thousands of people's lives across the State.

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