Thursday, April 29, 2010

Children and Tomorrow

I am sitting in my study, in front of my PC, writing this article on how we perceive children nowadays. Behind me my daughter Maha, 7 this month, is drawing on my 'reporter's pad'. Whenever I get stuck, which is about every other sentence, I turn around to ask Maha a few questions. 'Maha', I say at one juncture, 'What would you like to see in the future?'. Even before I have finished the question I begin to feel foolish. After all, what perception can a child of seven possibly have of the future? 'You mean tomorrow?' she asks.
'No. I mean a long time from now.'
'Next month?'
'No many months from now.'
'Let's see'. She closes her eyes. 'I like to see lots of happy children. And grown ups too. I don't want to see those children we saw on television. The ones who had nothing to eat. I would like to see them with lots of toys. I don't like fighting. I do like to see children playing with each other. And grown ups too. I like my teacher Mrs Black. I wish we all have teachers like her. And I like schools. I wish there were lots of schools'. She opens here eyes; and then continues with her drawing.

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