Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some questions about Mumbai attacks!!

Santosh Pandey, a blogger since 2005 has raised some interesting questions regarding Mumbai Attacks. Santosh Pandey is from Bihar. His questions are as follows :
  1. How many terrorists were there? Did they number 20 as Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh told a press conference on Thursday? Or did they number many more? If two or three terrorists attacked the CST, how many terrorists were present at the Taj and Trident? Did the CST terrorists drop a grenade/explosive device at Dockyard Road on the way to the station? Or was someone else responsible for that act of terror which claimed three lives?
  2. The terrorists are said to have set up control rooms at the Taj and Trident hotels, a Cabinet minister told PTI on Thursday. When were these bookings made? A detailed investigation into the bookings made at both hotels in the months, weeks and days before the attacks may reveal the names of suspicious guests who registered there.
  3. Military sources tell that there was no way the terrorists could have carried so much ammunition with them when they assaulted the two hotels with their guns blazing. They believe the ammunition may have been stored earlier in rooms at both the hotels, perhaps on the higher floors.
  4. If some of the terrorists had registered at the hotels earlier, could these men/women have left along with the guests who were released? Did the police record the identities and addresses of the guests who were released from both hotels?
  5. Indian Hotels Chairman Ratan Tata indicated on Thursday that the terrorists had intimate knowledge of the Taj, its service corridors, its layout. Does this mean that they had a mole inside the Taj? Or more worrying, did a couple of them work there at some point of time? Did they have drawings of the layout of the two hotels?
  6. If the terrorists were Pakistani, how did they have such an intimate knowledge of the terrain? The two or three cowards who attacked the CST on Wednesday night made their way from the CST through a road on the left side of The Times of India building towards the Cama and Albess hospital/Azad Maidan police station, a route that is known only to true-blood Mumbaikars. Were they locals? Or did they conduct extensive reconnisance of the likely routes of escape?
  7. These same two or three men, who are said to have commandeered ATS Chief Hemant Karkare's [Images] police Qualis after shooting him, Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar, revealed similar familarity with the road outside the Esplanade Court, making an easy U-turn towards the Metro cinema junction rather than head on the road towards the CST. How did they know this if they were Pakistanis?
  8. How did those men, whose images have appeared all over the world, get to the CST from Colaba where they are said to have landed by boat? Did they take a taxi? Or did they have local transportation? Did they come by a suburban train, which could explain the firing on one of the suburban train platforms? Who left the grenade on the Gitanjali Express, which killed a Bengali mother?
  9. The terrorists are said to have done extensive reconnisance of the city. If they are Pakistanis, how did they get earlier entry to the city unnoticed? Did they come in by boat? Or did they use other routes to escape notice?
  10. Such an operation could not have been conducted without extensive training and preparation, possibly on models of the Taj and Trident or Chabad House/Nariman House. Could this have been achieved at the rudimentary training camps hosted by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Or was it a more systematised operation conducted by a State agency in a hostile country?
  11. How did they know Chabad House/Nariman House, which even long-time residents of Colaba -- the area in South Mumbai where the Taj, the Leopold Cafe [Images] and Chabad/Nariman House are located -- are unfamiliar with? The choice of this target indicates precision thinking -- it is doubtful if the Lashkar strategists are capable of such deep strategy -- and again points the needle of suspicion at a government intelligence agency in a nation inimical to India or renegades within such a bureau.
    To read the full story and its source, click here
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karthik said...

guys of your ilk are as likely to fish in troubled waters as the next politician. you should look inward, do some introspection -- if such a thing as mumbai happens again even the bones of your community members wont merit any mercy from the retribution that will befall you...understand that very clearly you douchebag..
u speak like the typical radicalised wahhabi muslim -- well you will meet your comeuppance soon you cockroach...

Mysore Peshva said...

Good questions all. Let's hope the judicial inquiry produces some answers.

Objective_Observer said...


Atleast 30 if not more Indian Muslims have died in this attack. Don't you think the perpetrators must surely hence be Hindu terrorists?

This looks like a true blue Sangh Parivar job more so when the attackers even released 2 Turkish Muslims from the Oberoi Hotel unharmed with in first 24 hours of the siege itself.

Are we sure Kasab is not some sort of a Bajrang Dal sevak masquerading as a Pakistani Punjabi Sunni Muslim ?. Ohh...what a treachery...The Saffron terrorists have even faked the scenario where 'a so called Kasab's Father in Pakistan has identified Kasab as his son and even the whole village claims the same' and the news of which was released in a very surreptitious way to the world by a not so well known British magazine/newspaper. These Hindutva strategists have even tricked the Pakistan Government into falsely accepting that its citizens perpetrated the attacks.Further presently even his Mother is purportedly wishing to come from Pakistan to see him in his Mumbai cell'.. How cunning these Saffron strategists are.

Please request the high voltage Hindutva Buster Ms.Meena Kandasamy to write an analysis on why 'innocent' Kasab is not whom he really claims to be and is actually a hapless puppet in the hands of the never-to-be-seen Hindutva strategists. Further request her to write a 7 part analysis on why it should surely be the dastardly acts of an unidentified Hindutva terror group which planned and executed the killing of more than 160 people, including the NSG Commando at the Taj Hotel, in these Mumbai attacks.

Surely this must have all been done to create a situation for BJP and Shiv Sena to come back to power and consequently cause unthinkable problems for the pious Indian Minorities who number a very vulnerable 125 million in size.

I Wish you a wonderful life filled with imagined situations and blamings on every body else for the murderous blood letting acts of the members of the ilk in the name of our God.

Anonymous said...

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