Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mumbai Terror and 'Rebuild India!'

umbai Terror has gripped the nation.
The dust has settled now. The Taj is cleared. The Leopold Cafe, a place frequented by liquor drinking westerners is buzzing with the sounds of clattering glasses.
The politicians are playing their own games. Resignations, blame games, rhetoric etc etc have become the order of the day.
The good thing about the Mumbai Terror is that it has stirred the nation as a whole. Particularly, the elite has swung into action. Those who never voted in their life, those who gone out on picnic on the day of polling now talk about CHANGE in politics.

he wrath of the public towards the politicians is unprecedented. It was evident, when Naredra Modi was booed loudly, when he visited the site. To add insult to the injury, Mrs Hemant karkare, the widow of the slain patriot refused to accept his Rs One Crore compensation - the largest sum as compensation in the country - and sent him off. Similarly, when kerala CM went to Bangalore to meet the family of Major Unnikrishnan, an NSG commondo who laid his life in the operation, the father of the slain Major literally shooed away the CM.

And the message from the voters of the five states was even more louder. They dumped those politicians who tried to catch fish in the troubled waters. They trounced the veterans who shamelessly sought to gain political mileage from the tragedy. They shooed away the smart players who overplayed the plank of terror. God bless India!!

The fury of the public is palpable.

Now, a small group of bloggers but 'with huge levels of motivation'...initiated a movement to publicize the voice of the citizen. And the "Rebuild India' mission was born. As a first step, bloggers were invited to sublimate their anger into positive action by listing out action points that need to be taken in order to get the nation back on track post the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Based on suggestions received, an online survey with 17 simple questions has been formulated which is currently open to all for participation.
The questionnaire is lengthy. It may test your patience. But, it is the little price, you have to give back to your nation. The survey details are follows:
Survey Details

The motive behind conducting this survey is to get the suggestions presented by bloggers, certified by general internet users. (For further details on the 'Rebuild India' plan of action, please click here). The survey comprises of 17 questions, which would hardly take around a couple of minutes to respond to. However, since the survey consists of proposed actions steps as options, it is advisable to ponder over each and every option mentioned in order to gain valuable perspective on where the nation stands at this point of time. If done with the focus and attention, the survey in itself would prove to be a huge learning curve with respect to where the nation stands as of now.

Please go to the site (Let us all make it our site and our mission) at
Participate and be a part of the rebuilding process ! Hearty congratulations to the team behind it!

And please spread the word around.

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