Monday, June 16, 2008

Oops... what a contrast..!

First I want to clarify one thing. Iam not against ladies (No. No. Iam not saying this with the fear of my wife lurking in the corner of my mind. Believe me.) Iam not against ladies getting involved in the struggle to establish Deen. I have always welcomed their participation. I always envisaged their equal engagement in this struggle. Iam not the one who opposes the growing brigades of Mujahidas - purdah clad women demonstrating for noble cause. Iam not averse to the thought of ladies giving lectures, Quranic discourses, Hadith classes etc. I have always dreamed of young muminas tackling the burning issues of purdah, polygamy, feminism etc in the media on their own. Even the two short stories which I wrote in Samarasam were heroine oriented. I have grown up reading the works of Zeenat Kauser, Safia Iqbal etc. My favourite memoirs written by jail bird is the book written by Zainab alghazzali. I wrote a moving obituary of Zainab alghazzali with words and tears. And the list goes on..
Still I want to share a nagging thought... a thought which is drowning me nowadays. What will happen if Lady islamists outnumber gent islamists?
Oh! Don't laugh!
Recently I had been to a historic city to attend a tarbiyah meet. The total number of the participants was seventy. Of them more than fifty were ladies! When I finished my lecture and when the house was thrown open to questions, ladies raised more questions than men..! They asked me about some additional details of a hadith. It showed their passion to learn. They asked me about an historic incident which I mentioned. It showed their eagerness to be informed. One sister asked me to teach her a dua so that she could overcome the reluctance, she faces whenever she is affected by ill-health. As I stuttered, I could not recollect a dua which could help you overcome your fever or cold or head-ache, another sister from the gathering stood up and recited a beautiful dua. "Haneefaji taught us this dua" she beamed with happiness. It showed their willingness and commitment. Whereas the gents remained mute spectators. They were numb. There is no passion. There is no..... Oh leave it.
In the afternoon session a symposium was held. Three sisters and a brother participated. The sisters were very bold, eloquent, and forthright. Their choice of words, their way of presentation, their narration was very good. They structured their speech well. They were energetic in delivering the speech. They simply captured the audience. They had style and substance. Where as the lone male speaker failed miserably. It was pathetic to watch him. He mumbled and fumbled. He had no eye contact with the audience.
And next day I attended another tarbiyah meet in another metropolitan city. Here the audience were different. It was not a routine cadre meet. But it was a meet of circle incharges. ie men and women who matter a lot in our tahreek. In the morning session we had routine lectures by responsible persons. The afternoon session started with a bang. yes really with a bang. What will you say to an excellent, splendid Dars-e-hadith sprinkled with inspiring anectodes and moving exclamations. It was given by a lady. The most striking part of her dars-e-hadith was that she related to our day to day happenings and iced with soul searching questions. That made her dars more effective than the speeches made by established speakers. When the house was thrown open for questions it was the ladies who were the first to raise questions. They asked remedy for a crisis they faced in their area. They asked clarifications. They asked guidances. All their questions were practical, relevant and innocent. It showed that they are field workers and all their questions were work related. But the questions raised by the brothers were not upto the mark. They centered around interpersonal relationship, petty squabbles, grievances, remarks, pulambals etc etc. Only one brother put forward a noteworthy question. It so happened that he was just a week old Nazim..!
The difference in the nature of the questions put forward by the ladies and those by the gentlemen was starking, alarming and terrifying.
Hmmmm......These two incidents were the reason for my fear What will happen if Lady islamists outnumber gent islamists?
Now what do you say?
No problem. leave it yaar.


Dr. Khalil said...

It is the same trend you find in education also girls are getting better scores. Our men don,t find time to develop their personalities and skills. Reading is less. Most of the time is spent on earning money to acquire everything the present civilisation projects as very essential for life. The women and children joining in that issue. Consumables if somebody does not have is not considered a modern high trend man. All their energy , thougt, skills and time burnt out in this plight and race to acquire all these consumer products and properties, How do you expect them to actively paticipate in other issues.
Men have to realign the priorities in their life
Learn to put best utisation of time
Time management.
Expand their view and see beyond their circle
Read. Think and act to change the present oppressive world order which made man eating, enjoying and sleeping animal

Luthfullah Azeez said...

Doctor Sahib,
Assalamu alaikum.
Neengal yengeyo poyi vitteergal..!
By the way, I want to add an interesting quote from Srilanka Jamaateislami's Dawah secretary. He presented a power point presentation on the work done by the Jamaat there. He highlighted the work being done among the ladies there. At the end of it he quipped, "the time is not far away, when these ladies would ask our men to remain in houses and lookafter the household; we will establish Deen..!"
He also added: This is a global phenonmenon. Throughout the world you see the same trend. Sisters and mothers are more dedicated, disciplined and enthusiastic than men.
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
What a pity!

Luthfullah Azeez said...

In Malaysia, Indonesia too the same trend could be witnessed. In Malaysia they are equal in numbers.

Dr. Khalil said...

It is a happy trend. Muslim Ummah kept half of ther community members unused, Now this added manpower to be correct womenpower will acclerate the movement towards the goal. The future generations nutured and grown by these ladies will be better and more committed to the cause.


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