Thursday, June 12, 2008

Could you wipe out Muslims from the land?


You cannot wipe out Muslims from this land.

The Muslims are cornered. They are being maligned. They are branded as terrorists. Their religion is ridiculed.

Systematic attack from all the sides is carried over them. Still you cannot simply wipe them off.

Take the case of Gujarat. In 1968 Ahmedabad witnessed the most ferocious, gruesome and barbaric riots. 2000 Muslims were butchered. Properties worth crores and crores of Rupees were looted. Millioneres became penniless.

Come 2002. Similar pogram was carried out in largescale. The govt machinery too was mercilessly utilised for the task. Thousands and thousands of Men and women were uprooted. Muslim villages were burned.

The total loss suffered by Muslims exceeded Rs 2000crores. It was 15 percent of the total income of the Gujarati Muslims. Think over it. In 1968 they were rendered penniless. And after a gap of forty years when they were subjected to bigger atrocity, their loss is Rs 2000 crores. And it is just 15 percent of the total income.

Gujarat genocide 2002 was notorious for child killings. 400 children - tiny tots - below age 5 - were roasted alive.

Again consider another fact. At the end of 2002 mass marriages of riot victims was carried out in Relief camps. More than 2000 couples tied the knot. Now they have three children each. The total number of children goes to 6000!

The Sangh brigade burnt 400 tiny tots. But with in a span of three four years the riot victims alone produced 6000 children..!

So, Take it from me. You just cannot wipe out Muslims. They will never perish.

All praise to Allah!


Dr. Khalil said...

Some of the things are to be done and never to be spoken about.This is one such thing.We need not add fodder to the hate campaign of sang parivaar

Luthfullah Azeez said...

Dear Doctor Sahib,
Assalamu alaikum.
I am afraid that your diagnosis cannot be said as right. I don't think that my piece would become fodder to the hate campaign of Sangh Parivaar. Rather it could be a deterrent to them. They may realise that it is futile to follow the path of death and destruction. They may reconciliate too!
But still a voice from the corner of my mind says that doctor sahib's diagnosis is apt. The voice is feeble and weak.
Another point to be considered is that Muslim youth today are obsessed with the Gujarat carnage. There is simmering hatred and vengeance. The fire could be somewhat dampened and softened by highlighting the brighter side of the tragedy.

Mysore Peshva said...

Luthfulla Azeez,

Assalamu-aleikum! You have unwittingly exposed a degeneracy in the attitude of Indian Muslims.

How can they expect to be "saved" by numbers? That's, frankly, idiotic. Without a proportionate change in the socio-economic status, increases in population only lead to more crime/despair.

You feel a lot, brother, now think! What Indian Muslims need is some attitudinal reform. Instead of having more babies with limited resources, here's an alternate strategy:

(1) Open a sustained and sincere campaign to show (by action, not talk) that Muslim ideologies are respectful and inclusive, (2) Attempt to assimilate economically into the mainstream by excelling in trade/business, (3) Give up any fighting nature -- for example the ridiculous demands over ancient Hindu temples, and others destroyed by Muslim invaders; taxpayer-subsidized Haj yatras, etc. (4) Develop a tradition of architecture/music/science so as to contribute positively to society, and finally (5) Openly condemn terrorism and show a communal boycott of terrorists.

That is the more intelligent strategy to earn respect and "save" yourselves. Producing more kids is, again with due apologies, plain stupid. The Kauravas were one hundred in number, the Pandavas were five -- but the latter had righteousness (Dharma) on their side.

Get Dharma on your side, my friend, not numbers!

Mad mullah said...

Yeah but the muslim can wipe out non-muslims from lands where they are in a majority.e.g Kashmir,Pakiland,Bangaldesh to name a few.All praise to the islamic god,allah!!

Mohd Asif Ali said...

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