Friday, June 27, 2008

Creative minds. Creative Advetisements 6

This is the next one. Title : Drive safely
The Messenger of God, bpuh, said:
'Every Muslim must give charity.'
Some people asked: 'What if he has no money?'
He replied: 'He should work with his hands, and meet his needs as well as give charity to others.'
They asked: 'What if he could not, or did not, do that?'
He replied: 'Then he should assist a needy person in distress.'
They asked: 'What if he could not do that as well?'
He replied: 'He should then teach good things.'
They asked: 'And, if he could not do even that?'
He replied; 'Then, he should refrain from harming anyone. That, too, would be charity on his part.'
(Bukhari, Muslim: Abu Musa al-Ash'ari)

So don't drive fast. You may harm others.

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