Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrorism cure : needle or bullet?

This refers to the article ''Terrorism cure: needle or bullet?" by Mr. Sudarshan (The New Indian Express, April 25, 2008). I was shocked to read the lines,"But couldn't we have given him a parting gift: AIDS, for instance? Something that crops up four months later and causes mysterious deaths? Who would have known? That way we'd have the last laugh, wouldn't we?"
This is pure fascist thinking. 0% regret and 100% fascism. This line of approach is more detrimental to the nation than Narendra Modi's mass murders and fake encounters.
There is not a single problem in the earth which could be solved through bullets or needles. Not even a single problem. Even Praveen Mahajan who thought otherwise and murdered his own brother could not find a solution through his bullets. He is still languishing in the dark corridors of jail.
Those who resort to bullets and needles perish with them. What happened to that encounter specialist ACP Rajbir Singh who used to kill for pleasure? His end came through his own gun. The killer, a real estate dealer used ACP's gun to eliminate him.
Think about the so called 'war on terror'. The three trillion war has led nowhere. The Americans are bleeding everyday. Did the 'shock and awe' yield any worthy results?. Nothing. Even Israel, which is notorious for such tactics has achieved nothing. It is living in the shadow of terror. Every day. Every minute.
And lastly, take the case of Osama and his alqaeda itself? What have they achieved? Nothing. The solution lies in adopting peaceful, constructive and productive means. End cannot justify the means.

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