Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flight of fancy

This refers to your editorial ''Flight of fancy?- Advani's version based more on fiction" (The New Indian Express, 01 April 2008).
You are right that Mr. Advani's account in the book of Kandahar episode was based more on fiction than fact. A Congress leader has more aptly renamed the book as 'My country, my life and my lies"
Jokes apart, one is tempted to ask ''where is the need for such a book?" As a prime minister in waiting Advani should have focused his energy, vision and imagination(which he seems to have quite a lot) in needling the government. The list of pressing problems viz Rs 60,000 crore loan waiver, price rise, nuclear deal, dwindling agricultural production etc etc. is endless. But driven by an impulsive urge to project himself as a soft leader Mr Advani has opened the pandora's box and nation is discussing the Kandahar tragedy instead of pressing problems. Mr Advani finds himself in a pathetic situation. This proves that he lacks foresight and strategy.
His attempt to become another Vajpayee has once again boomeranged. It seems that he has not learnt lesson from the "Jinnah episode". He should realise that wearing masks is not his cup of tea. You cannot become a Tagore by sporting a beard. Similarly you cannot become a Vajpayee by wearing a mask.
Thanking you.
T. Azeez Luthfullah


Anonymous said...

Lk Advani is a proven liar. One wonders why he always goes scot free.

luthfi said...

God only knows why?


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