Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jaipur blasts : who cares?

The serial bombs has shattered the nation.
I was moved to see the pictures of the victims. Particularly the photograph published in the first page will haunt me for days to come. The tell tale picture says it all. Look at the way the gentleman has clutched his bag with his bare hands. It conveys lot of things. He must be in a hurry. That is why he has hired the rickshaw. He must be carrying some precious things for his near and dear. He must have been immersed in deep thoughts. He must have been visualising the delight of his daughter or wife or mother or some xyz when he gives the precious thing to her. There is no end to the thoughts in my mind. Suddenly a thought flashed. It could have been me too! Yes. Anybody could be the victim. If the culprits behind this heinous crime are not booked anything could happen.
I was shocked to see the tell tale pictures of the gory scenes. We should do something to stop the shenanigans of the culprits behind this heinous crime. Rather it is sheer crime against humanity.
Jaipur is not new. Before that we saw the same gory scenes in Bombay, Hyderabad, Moradabad, Meerut, Maliana, Bhiwandi etc. etc. Above all who could forget Gujarat? It is a fact that not a single soul has been punished for these crimes.
This has emboldened these merchants of death. The merchants of death are roaming free. The merchants of death decide the venue. The merchants of death decide the time. The merchants of death decide the device. The government has failed to punish the merchants of death. What a pity!
It is a painful irony that on the one hand we are able to launch ten satellites at a go. On the other hand we have utterly and bitterly failed to save our own citizens.
But who cares? Does anybody care? We have plenty of things to cheer about. IPL, Rahul Yuvraj, Katrina-Saif adventures, Dasavadaram....the list goes on.
Who is there in this country of one billion people to bother about the safety of Aam Aadmi? Don't forget, we have launched ten satellites in a go. So don't bother about Aam Aadmi seems to be the line of approach of the government. God bless India. God bless UPA.

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