Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will Third Front emerge?

Akilesh Yadav would be swearing in as the youngest Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 15th March. Akilesh Yadav seems to be a politician of entirely different calibre. He is educated as well as down to earth. He is cool as well as full of passion. He is dignified in his victory. He has given the Samajwadi Party a fresh face and a new life. Above all he has defeated both Congress and BJP. That makes him special.
The rise of Akilesh Yadav heralds a new chapter in Indian politics. We had sons, and daughters of various political leaders donning the role of netas earlier too. India has seen Rajiv Gandhis, Rahul Gandhis, Biju Patnaiks, Ajit Singhs, Chautalas, Chavans, Chandrababu Naidus etc etc. We have our own share of Stalins, Anbumanis, Azhagiris, Kanimozhis, Dayanithi Marans, Jayalalithas, Janakis etc etc. But, they don't inspire you. You never felt happy when Stalin or Jayalalitha sworn in as Ministers.  
The rise of Akilesh Yadav is significant in an entirely different context. It has given hope and fresh lease of life for the dream of Third Front. UPA's second innings is a disaster for the country as well as the Congress. Rahul Gandhi has failed to strike a chord with the Aam Aadmi. He has joined the league of former future Prime Ministers in the company of L. K. Advani and others. Congress would definitely lose the next election. BJP too is not in a position to stage a comeback. The humiliating defeat suffered by Uma Bharati in UP conveys a lot. The perpetual blot of Babri Masjid demolition and everlasting stigma of Gujarat genocide would never make it acceptable in all parts of the country. Hence a combination of Mulayam's SP, Karunanidhi's DMK, Mamata's TMC, Andhra's TRS or TDP and Communists could forge a formidable alliance and THIRD FRONT could be formed to save the nation from the pro-US and anti-Aam Aadmi parties like Congress and BJP.

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