Saturday, March 03, 2012

Life and times of Moulana Abdur Razaq Latheefi

It is the unique documentary of its kind. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been striving in India for the establishment of Divine law in all aspects of life. It has attracted millions of noble souls and changed and shaped their lives. It continues to attract and mould countless human beings throughout the nook and corner of this country.

It has produced many stalwarts and stars. Moulana Abdur Razaq Latheefi is one of them. When we, a handful of youth and students made the goal of establishing Deen as our mission he was not in the scene. But, we grew up hearing moving, soul stirring anectodes about him. As we had Moulana M A Jameel Ahmed and Moulana H Abdur Raqeeb who never get tired of narrating anectodes from the life of Moulana Abdur Razaq Latheefi Sahib. Hence Latheefi Sahib is not alien to us.

But, still, we could not get the full picture. We had never seen his photograph. We never knew how he looked like.

Here is a documentary on the life and times of Moulana Abdur Razaq Latheefi Sahib. It is informative, inspiring and good. Scores of leaders and veterans of the Islamic movement introduce you various aspects of this towering personality. S. M. Malik Sahib's version would continue to echo in your mind : "Moulana used to undertake tours after tours. He used to remember the names and addresses of three hundred members. He never needed a file or assistant." It is simply amazing. Nowadays in this age we have become addicted to our cell phones, computers. Sometimes we tend to forget our own numbers.

Moulana Abdul Azeez Sahib and Moulana Sirajul Hasan Sahib extol the leadership quality of the late Moulana. Shakeel Anwar Sahib sheds light on his milli qidmat. Scores of his sons including Br Abdur Raqeeb Latheefi, my friend, remember him passionately.

It is worth watching. Here and Here

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