Thursday, February 02, 2012

Vinod Mehta steps out of Outlook

Atlast Vinod Mehta has stepped out of Outlook. He had been the moving spirit, face and symbol behind Outlook.

I like Vinod Mehta. He may be a drunkard. He may have a dog with him and call it 'Editor'. But still he fought against the fascists - Sangh Pariwar. He may have played soft hindutva occasionally. He may have sided with Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen. But still he was the one of those who pierced the Hindutva balloon. He may have sided with the congressis but still he gave the voice for the voiceless, however feeble it may be. He may have brought out dirty, pornographic content as sex specials and bollywood specials. But still he was the one who cracked the betting syndicate in Indian cricket. He may have witch hunted Azharuddin but still he was the one who gave space for Arundhati Roy.

I had been one of the vivid readers of Outlook for ten years. I have criticised him bitterly and he continued to publish my letters in his magazine. I may not miss him as I stopped reading Outlook since 2006 when I was assigned an important project. The project absorbed all of my time and I could not afford to read Outlook and other magazines. But still I used to read it online now and then and continued to watch Vinod Mehta's utterances in Times Now and NDTV. 

He could never be a role model. Nevertheless his boldness, brazenness are admirable. He would always be remembered as the brave journalist who fought tirelessly against the Modis, Advanis and Singhals. I had always dreamed of giving him an award for communal harmony. 

As they say every good thing comes to an end. Alvida Vinod!

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