Saturday, January 01, 2011

A moving, inspiring story from Madurai!

Here is an inspiring, moving and heartening story of a brahmin from Madurai. When the Prophet of Islam was asked, "What is Islam?", the Prophet of Islam replied : "Feeding the hungry is Islam - பசித்தவருக்கு உணவளிப்பது தான் இஸ்லாம்" 
Mr Narayanan Krishnan of Madurai is doing the same. Here is a lesson for us - Muslims. Watch him in this TWO minute video. He has been  awarded CNN Hero of the year. More Here.


Sivasankari said...


Abdul Sattar said...

Frankly speaking, given a chance, how many of us would feed the destitute as Narayanan has done. I may run away.
That makes Narayanan unique and great.
Hats off to him.


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