Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barack Hussain Obama, Golden Temple and Islam

When Barack Hussain Obama made history, a considerable number of Muslims were overwhelmed with joy. They felt that there would be "Muslimness" in Obama. They had all kinds of fancy hopes because of that "Hussain" in his name. Atlast, we could have a US President who is TRUE, HONEST, JUST and full of COMPASSION, they hoped fervently. As these are the noble traits ingrained in MUSLIMS, Obama too would nourish and cherish such traits they hoped. 

But, Obama proved to be a damb squib. Now here comes the news that he is facing compulsion from all quarters to downplay his "Hussain" card! 

The following is the report in Indian Express:

Indian officials were informally told that Obama wearing a headscarf to visit the Golden Temple may convey an image of him appearing to be a Muslim. This is one misinterpretation Obama’s advisors did not want at any cost, given the political sensitivities over this issue in the US.
As a result, a final decision on whether Obama would visit the Golden Temple was always kept pending. An American official is said to have explained at one of the pre-visit meetings that each day Obama has to remind the US that he should not be mistaken for a Muslim just because his middle name is Hussain. For this reason, considerable thought was being given to what Obama could wear without offending Sikh sentiments.

From a report in Indian Express. More Here

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