Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whither IITs and IIMs? UPA govt is set to destroy them!

The UPA government has set the stage. It has decided to open the education market to the foreign players. With such a supporting govt at the hustings foreigners and their agents will swallow the education market in no time. It is high time that the patriots rise to the occasion and stop this advent of neo-east India companies.

R. Jaganathan of DNA has shed light into this subject:
Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal is about to destroy an important national legacy: the IITs and IIMs that have made Indians world beaters in tech and management. His foreign universities bill, if passed in its present form without reforming the Indian system of governance, will lead to the ruin of not only the technology and management institutes, but all government-run academic institutions of repute.
Let’s first make a digression here before we come to the specifics.

Five years ago, BSNL was India’s biggest and most valuable telecom company. Today, it is an also-ran and will soon become an artefact of history.
Five years ago, Air India and Indian Airlines ruled the skies. Today, the sky has fallen on their heads. As a merged entity, they have become the government’s biggest basket case.
Ten years ago, ONGC and Indian Oil were India’s oil kings. Reliance was nowhere. Today, ONGC has been robbed of profits and Indian Oil is a pale shadow of its former self. The latter survives on government handouts and subsidies.
Where is the connect with Sibal’s foreign universities bill?

Here it is: opening up without giving equal autonomy to domestic institutions is a recipe for disaster. The private sector will use the Indian system of bribing ministers to hold back the domestic companies or institutions while they themselves grow in size and stature. Nobody will bat for the public sector, and soon enough, they will live up to the image of inefficiency and sloth.

What happened to the BSNLs, Air Indias and Indian Oils will now happen to the IITs and IIMs. Consider what’s wrong with Sibal’s bill. The entry norms specify a minimum corpus of Rs 50 crore, regulation (but no ceiling) of fees by the UGC, non-remittance of profits from educational activities, and a possible exemption from SC/ST quotas.
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