Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Mahajans and some lessons!!

Do you remember Pramod Mahajan?
He was the symbol of neo-Rich politicians. He was flamboyant. I thought he would head the BJP one day. 

He emerged as the wheeler-dealer of the NDA govt. As they say power corrupts. And all those who boasted seva and who were self-proclaimed sevaks lost their sheen. Pramod was never an exception.
I liked his never say die attitude. When in 1990s he lost his Mumbai seat, he said in a TV interview, 'I have other works to do. When one fails in batting, one has to compensate it in bowling and fielding. Now that I may have failed in the hustings. But I have to lend a hand in govt. formation'.  That is the spirit. One should have such a never say die attitude. Apart from that everything else were bad.

He was killed by his brother. His son became a drug addict. His friend died out of overdose of cocaine. Killer brother died in jail. His son got married on reality TV. Here is a family that is stranger than fiction. We could learn many lessons here. Haima Deshpande writes in Open

On a day when Rahul Mahajan upped the TRP ratings for a TV channel and married Dimpy Ganguli on a reality show, his deceased uncle Pravin Mahajan’s ashes had just been immersed. Pravin’s family did not know of Rahul’s wedding as they had not watched TV for some time. On that evening when Rahul gained a substantial sum of money from the show, his uncle’s family was looking for ways and means to pay off the Rs 18 lakh hospital bill accumulated over 82 days of Pravin’s hospitalisation and subsequent death due to brain haemorrhage.

The three years since the death of Pramod Mahajan, who fell to the bullets of his brother Pravin on 26 April 2006, have kept the Mahajans in the spotlight. They have made headlines with amazing frequency. When Pravin died on 3 March this year, whispers of foul play got a few decibels shriller. Convicted for his brother’s murder, Pravin was serving a life sentence at the Nasik central prison. He was granted a 14-day furlough as his wife Sarangi had an acute gynaecological problem which needed surgery. She was adamant on undergoing the medical procedure only if her husband was with her.

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